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  • Wireless video surveillance applications in different ranges

        Now, in the field of video surveillance , network technology and wireless technology is in rapid development period, at the same time , a variety of network technologies , wifi IP camera and other products have emerged , wireless technology is increasingly being accepted by all walks of life . Wireless transmission of this technology has experienced a short period of time to get in today´s rapid development , so that the future of technology wireless city possible.
        Wireless video surveillance solutions and applications
        Application of wireless transmission technology , good to overcome the traditional wired connection ( coax , twisted pair, fiber optic , etc. ) are subject to the inconvenience of hardware connected with anytime, anywhere access to three-dimensional way , which greatly facilitates the deployment of access points .
        Based on wireless deployment flexibility and maturity, wireless technology has been successfully integrated into the surveillance industry in various scenes ;
        1 ATM, bank teller , supermarkets , factories and other wireless surveillance ;
        2 power transmission stations, electricity pylons , telecom base stations unattended monitoring ;
        3 oil , drilling, exploration and other unmanned surveillance ;
        4 buses, taxis , trucks and other vehicles escorting mobile monitoring objectives ;
        5 mountain forest , deep forest fire monitoring ;
        6 monitoring water, rivers, lakes and other resources ;
        7 monitoring along the highway , railway , bridges , tunnels, crossings , etc. ;
        8 border coast, border surveillance ;
        9 traffic patrols , mobile patrols safe city , urban management and law enforcement and other mobile mobile patrol point monitoring ;
        10 on-site and remote emergency incident disposal site monitoring and command ( emergencies , including natural disasters, large-scale events, emergencies , etc. ) . ;
        11 teaching units and emergency drills monitoring applications .
        Wireless video surveillance applications in the " small"
        Small-scale wireless monitoring , used office space , factory, warehouses and other places to fat AP, AP thin without access to the center , combined with existing wired networks , video transmission. The main scenarios such as: convenient rewiring buildings ; If using a wired surveillance , there may be damage to the original building , need trenching , embedding , etc., it is not easy to traditional wired monitoring.
        For small-scale monitoring, because less monitoring points , access to the video bandwidth is also relatively narrow , do not stress management requirements under the circumstances , optional wireless IP camera and NVR products , to design a more economical wireless video monitoring system.
        Wireless video surveillance applications in the " big"
        A wide range of highways , forests, remote mountainous , oil, scenic , electricity, water , etc., long-distance monitoring applications in fixed point ; due to a wide range of geographical remoteness and difficult wiring and other factors limit the use of a wireless monitoring coverage deployment can be better deployed to overcome the problems of the wired , and can reduce the initial investment cost. So for these types of monitoring scenarios , engineers recommended the use of wireless monitoring, such as 3G, WLAN, microwave and other wireless technologies .
        Average number of wireless base station construction , depending on the specific monitoring points digits, bandwidth requirements needs to be ascertained ; engineers suggested two ways : one , once deployed , comprehensive coverage of the required monitoring area , the latter only in accordance with the actual situation , the deployment of appropriate monitoring equipment ; 2 , phased deployment , according to the monitoring point and batch add, simultaneous construction of the corresponding base station , several times the cost of the investment, compared to one-time deployment advantages , and can ensure that the late application of new technologies.
        Wireless video surveillance applications have been widespread, its applications can be expanded in various fields , whether it is large scale or small scale , can be seen in wireless video surveillance applications incomparable superiority , the future, as wireless video surveillance growing range of applications will continue to expand.

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