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  • IP camera more and more in favor security industry            

        Along with the global digital and networked trend, security industry constantly promote the gradual transition from analog to digital, thus video monitoring also becoming a network of industry darlings. Thanks to peace building, Shanghai world expo, guangzhou Asian games, vigorously promote the development of China network cameras in recent years especially rapidly. According to understand, domestic producers to market share has more than 50 percent from 2008, the market scale of 5.2 million expansion by 2010, an increase of about 15 billion, which showed that domestic 200% network camera is in rapid development phase, and, 80% of the personage inside course of study also generally think network camera demand also will continue to grow.

        Network camera market share fast growth

        Historical data show that in 2008, the domestic network camera market scale of China´s camera market scale is about 4%, 520 million yuan. 2009, network camera market year-on-year growth of about 100%, the market scale is about 10 billion yuan. According to multiple network camera manufacturers to provide sales data, as well as various project traders network cameras, and with reference to purchase quantity provide statistics part chip venders concluded: 2010 camera project application, simulation of the ratio of the camera, network cameras accounted for 88% of 12%, which is about the size of the market 15 billion yuan. From 2008 to 2010, network cameras market share with 70 percent of the average growth rate of high-speed development. According to such momentum of development, expected 2011 domestic network camera market scale is expected to mark 20 billion yuan of breakthrough.

        Since 2009, along with the finance, transport sectors and peace to hd monitor urban part of the project of high demand, together with Shanghai world expo, guangzhou Asian and other large-scale activities, promote hd monitor trends high-definition network cameras (resolution greater than or equal to 720P) springing up fast growth. Some mainstream video monitor manufacturers such as network panasonic, SONY, sea kang wei sight, the Dakota, Axis, dahua, Yellow River in succession million pixels network cameras, launched in the field in hd network monitor for a new round of competition. In 2010, according to the survey, the average monthly shipments high-definition web camera more than 1 million sets, is expected to ship will be more than 20 year total compared with 2009, units, which accounts for more than 200% increase the proportion of network camera about 34 percent. In hd webcams, million pixels, 200 million pixels accounts for 56% of 300 million pixels, 37% of 7 percent or more.

        At present, the network cameras can be divided into shape according to its network, network hemisphere any machine, network ball mill (including high-speed ball, uniform ball, etc.). 2010 network cameras each type of market accounted for 52%, 32%, total compared with 16 percent, in 2009, a little change. In hd network camera, network hemisphere machine than for 32%, network of any account for 56%, network ball machine with 12 percent. Thus, the 2010 network of any market share is still relatively heavy.

        Network cameras toward hd, intelligent future is bound with better network performance direction, of the corresponding is million hd, intelligent video analysis and better digital compression ratio. Investigation shows, h.264 encoding technology as a web camera network performance of important technical guarantee and attention in the first row, millions throughout video analysis with intelligence hd-dvd flat, but three technology gap is very small. And in 2009, thanks to the hd compared with the wide application of electronic networks, h.264 can provide enough intelligent analysis algorithm clear images, intelligent monitoring system of attention to rise gradually.

        CMOS fast growth

        CMOS and CCD both are using photosensitive diode for photoelectric conversion, then the image is converted to a digital signal transmitted, difference between different ways. Usually think CCD sensor sensitivity and resolution, pixels control etc., the latter is superior to the CMOS with low cost, low power dissipation and high integrity characteristic. In the application of network cameras, continue mimic monitoring application habit, million pixels or the following network camera is used mostly CCD, and 200 million pixels above network camera is used mostly high pixel density and high response speed CMOS. Investigation shows, compared with 2009 CMOS type network cameras around 30% market share, 2010 CMOS type network cameras 42% growth at a very fast rate.

        Peaceful city is still the IPC main application fields

        From the survey results, peace found in urban remains the primary field application network cameras. As intelligent transportation and financial industries to hd monitor´s favour, network camera demand is gradually increasing. Government departments, highway, hospitals, airports is network cameras main application fields. The school, gym, chain and other emerging areas also gradually get manufacturers, project traders attention.

        Along with the digital network technology unceasing development, digital video surveillance should become the mainstream of the future, the network cameras monitoring the size of the market will also get a huge growth. And from the major mainstream camera manufacturers see the big action GaoQingHua gradually, network cameras, it also means hd video monitoring has also Cui - door open. High This and digital TV development has a strong consistency: from standard qing to hd, again pursue full hd. This is not the image resolution user requirement, also involves some professional place high demand for image details. The 2010 Shanghai world expo hd monitor points of the huge capital input is just a booster, let us understand hd monitor has not a concept, but a full of development space of the new monitor direction.



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