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  • Advantages of IP video surveillance

        In the current field of video surveillance , IP video surveillance gradually attracted widespread attention , and its influence is growing , IP video surveillance Why is widely welcomed by the market , and advantages of this IP video surveillance technology are inseparable , specifically , IP video surveillance of the main advantage of the performance in the following areas :
        1, the use of existing local area network, without another line of traditional cloth implement video surveillance system is to specifically laid video cable, audio cable, control lines. While large enterprises, usually covers a large , laying these lines time-consuming, laborious, expensive , and network monitoring systems do not need special wiring , you can use the existing enterprise LAN to transmit video , audio and control signals , easy to install and more .
        2, can be monitored over the same time , without the traditional monitoring systems require monitoring center to set up a monitoring center dedicated unit managers monitor screen if you want to view or view video data, you must go the monitoring center. If the IP video monitoring system installed, the administrator can in his office with his computer monitor screen or view real-time video data . And many managers can monitor their own , independently of each other .
        3 , the traditional centralized management of multiple image monitoring system , each DVR can only manage up to 32 images. The IP video surveillance is greatly beyond this limit, a mainframe computer can manage thousands of road image , give full play to the advantages of centralized management .
        4 , distributed architecture , easy to install , easy to expand the traditional monitoring system uses a centralized architecture , all the video cable, audio cable, control cable pulled to the monitoring center, such as the need to increase the camera rewiring . If you want to move the monitoring center, the huge one . The IP video surveillance system is the use of a distributed architecture , the various IP video camera, also can be located anywhere in the unit ´s video servers distributed in different places in the unit , and surveillance video host , you can access the Internet line . To add IP network camera, transfer monitoring host , free to be , there is no restriction . Network monitoring products not just transfer the image , but also a collection of a number of functions , and these signals all transmitted over the network without additional wiring .
        Intelligent video surveillance homeopathic development of intelligent video surveillance system is developed on the basis of the traditional video monitoring system on , but there are very different , and it includes a more advanced video surveillance technology . Intelligent video surveillance system can automatically detect , track and identify different objects , for event analysis to detect the surveillance video of suspicious circumstances , and the appropriate level of alert issued in accordance with the level of security surveillance of the scene, so the false alarm rate and missing alarm rate minimum. Its advantages mainly in the 24 × 7 reliable all-weather surveillance, more accurate warning , rapid response , convenient inquiry , currently the market by the blitz.
        Advantages of IP video surveillance is very significant from a wide range of applications in IP video surveillance can be seen , although I chatter tells how IP video surveillance is good, but , in theory, be applied to practical advantage is really good , only applied to the real point of the IP video surveillance is a huge real advantage .

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