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  • Face recognition technology advantages and industrial applications

        Face recognition technology has been a hot topic in recent years , it is a face recognition technology in the end what kind of technology ? What are its strengths and applied? Face recognition technology is a fusion of biology , psychology and cognitive science and other multi-disciplinary , multi-technology ( pattern recognition, image processing, computer vision , etc. ) of the new biometric technology for identity verification ( one to one ratio on ) , identity authentication ( many matches ) , access control ( door monitoring system ) , security monitoring ( banking, customs monitoring ) , human-computer interaction ( virtual reality games ) , etc. , because of the technical features and has a wide range of market applications prospects.
        Face recognition technology advantages
        Any emerging technology , will be in the twists and turns in the front row . From the initial Internet bubble and now the mobile Internet pervasive ; skepticism from online shopping now penetrated into every household ; from cctv surveillance camera to IP camera ...... and now the development of emerging technologies generally true : the bubble at the beginning of the impact the widespread perception of the concept ; after the bubble , through technology, precipitation and accumulation , again resulting in the rapid development of rapid spread .
        Face recognition is also true : qq landing face recognition , face recognition login NetEase mailbox , the first decade of this century, the visible face matching system , infrared face access control , etc., are harbingers of face recognition technology a prelude to the arrival of the climax , which makes people have a certain perception of face recognition and understanding , but has not yet reached widespread. However , one after another . Face recognition technology after a period of settling and development , can decisively predicted that a new round of the tide is coming, and the surging !
        Face recognition technology came on attracting much attention, because of the relatively fingerprints and iris and other biometric methods , face recognition has incomparable advantages :
        1 visibility. This is consistent with the idea of ​​recognition , just need to see someone´s face , you can know this man . Based on this , it can be used as the next proof. The fingerprint, iris , and other biometrics, can not do that.
        2 No or very few people with needs . Fingerprint and iris basically need to be able to complete the initiative with people , but you do not need recognition , which determines the recognition of a wider scenario .
        3 does not require specialized equipment support. Now the camera everywhere, filled with HD IP camera, staffing a smart phone , can be carried out to capture or capture the human face , which determines the recognition of universal application can be unlimited .
        Face Recognition Applications
        1 Face Payment:
        Now the payment is carried out through the card and password or confirmation signed by the way , this is very risky , because once people posing , it is impossible to know who is posing . If the card + face manner, ask who would dare be pretending ? Once posing, people wanted to pay on the face is guilty of the photos , the police arrested you did not discuss. Of course, the way to pay the face there are many .
        . 2 vip recognition:
        Who is this ? This application suitable for many occasions . For example , businesses need to know whether it is vip customers come ? Police need to know where the suspect appeared ?
        (3) identity and authentication records :
        Many areas of social security , insurance, second-generation ID card, suspects , immigration personnel there are massive photo database , but the current identity of these people need human intervention. If the visible face recognition , will be able to automatically identify the person´s identity , massive face database data will be fully utilized, greatly improving the efficiency , safety, and are identified and recorded .
        4 mobile Internet field :
        Because most phones have camera , then registered on the phone doing identity-based face recognition , authentication , login , etc., will become more secure and convenient. For example , a registration card, you do not need and then to the operating room , there is no need for authentication in the operating room , you only need to shoot a photo , fill out some information on it, greatly simplifying the procedures, but also indirectly expands the registered users quantities.
        Based on the visible face recognition, the above is only a small part , as more attention , there will be more applications appear in unexpected.

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