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  • Video servers have universal significance

        From the core functionality of the video server can be divided into video encoder and video decoder two categories. Video Encoder network video surveillance system at the front , while the video decoder is located in the user access client (or back) . Video encoder used to implement front-end signal ( video, audio and other signals ) digital compression and network specific features include analog video and audio monitoring point information and alarm information access, encoding / compression, transmission , and peripheral devices ( such as cameras, PTZ control , matrix , etc.) .
        The above information processing after uploading the video encoder to the center through the IP network management platform , and then distributed by the central management platform to the client , video decoder and video storage devices.
        The video encoder and the biggest difference is that IP camera , video encoder video source from analog cameras , analog cameras need to be used in conjunction with , and IP camera is integrated , itself integrated analog video capture capabilities. From the current situation, although IP camera are in large numbers, but because of two reasons , the video encoder will occupy an irreplaceable position in the network video surveillance system : First, a lot has been built analog and digital monitoring system urgent network transformation, in order to protect investments in existing analog cameras , which will generate a huge transformation video encoder deployment requirements ; Second choice is the IP camera face far no major analog cameras , it is difficult to meet different user differentiated applications demand , so a lot of front-end applications must implement network -based digital video camera plus video encoder simulation model .
        Video decoder is used under the control of the PC client receiving platform forwarded over the network video surveillance stream decoding output analog signals to the TV wall , audio and other peripherals, usually deployed in the user´s control center .
        Video decoder with the type that the client PC , the video decoder decodes the general hardware through a dedicated display device to display a monitor image , and a client PC via the PC directly to the image display monitor screen. Because there is more control PC client management functions, and access to flexible operation, so a PC-based client applications to monitor browsing more and more common . However, due to hardware-based video decoder , stable performance, good image quality, and therefore need to focus on decoding for many applications on the wall still has a very general sense.

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