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  • NVR advantage of multiple Procurement and selection analysis

        With the deepening of the digital surveillance network technology and information technology , the video surveillance market competition increasingly fierce , more and more serious product homogeneity , digital surveillance calls for genuine replacement products NVR. Origin NVR video surveillance applications in the network video technology to replace the traditional use of a better network experience .
        Network video recorder technical advantages
        DVR system from the center due to the needs of each monitoring point laid video cable, audio cable , alarm cable, control cable , and many other lines, if cable problems need one investigation , its large and cumbersome wiring work , the cost is high . Contrast DVR, NVR and monitor the center points can simply connect a network cable , eliminating all the tedious lines, and low cost ;
        Equipment expansion on
        Between the monitoring point and the center of the analog DVR system interconnection , affected by the analog signal transmission distance and loss , there is a big limitation position monitoring point , not remote deployment. And as a whole between the NVR network video surveillance system architecture , monitoring equipment and NVR can point to any IP network interconnection , therefore , control points can be located anywhere on the network will not be subject to geographical constraints ;
        Installation and commissioning of the
        Now there have been not need to set the IP address and complex operations NVR, simply access the Internet line , turn the power on , the system will automatically search for IP front , automatically assign IP addresses automatically display multiple screens in the installation setup does not say better than DVR, but at least matched it. So plug and play type of NVR is the most important pop direction ;
        Digital images stored on
        An important factor in DVR welcomed by the users is that it has a powerful video storage function, but this performance is still subject to play its analog front end. The current NVR products and systems can support center storage , front storage, and client-side storage three storage methods , and to achieve mutual backup center and the front-end , once the center for some reason can not lead to the video , the system will automatically transfer the video from the front and storage ; on the storage capacity , NVR also means a large-capacity hard disk RAID functions, and set a hard disk interface, network interface , USB interface, can meet the massive storage requirements ;
        Network management and security on
        Full network management NVR surveillance system should be said that one of the highlights , it can achieve a transmission line , the front end of the transmission network and all IP video monitoring and centralized management of the entire process , including monitoring of equipment status and parameters of view ; while the same is due to DVR its center to the front end of analog transmission , which can not achieve real-time monitoring of the transmission line and the front-end equipment and centralized management , front-end or line failure, specific reasons to be verified very inconvenient. For safety hazard issues NVR products are far better than the DVR, in the absence of conditions for safe and reliable mechanism , the network is indeed an eventful place, however , the network monitoring system , once the stream by using the AES encryption, user authentication and authorization of these means to ensure security, network monitoring product safety concerns from the network completely eliminated, currently , NVR products and systems can already achieve these safeguards ; By contrast , DVR analog front-end transmission of audio, video, nude signal without any encryption mechanism can easily be intercepted illegally , and once it is easily intercepted by the display.
        NVR procurement and selection
        Currently NVR with DV input image is the same number of channels to be classified management basis , the current single NVR (Standalone NVR) has 2,4,8,16,32 to 64,128 the number of channels ranging from road . Server -based NVR will have more than 256 models to thousands of channels to choose from, but in the use of NVR still some basis for selection to follow ; Our analysis shows that the following would be one :
        1. NVR to be able to support a large -capacity hard drives and storage
        NVR supports input cameras and storage capacity ones have a great relationship , so in case of large number of inputs , NVR itself must consider the issue a lot of storage capacity , and therefore the number of hard drives that support the selection of the first element of the capacity for in order to be able to support diverse types of hard drives can be implemented as SATA, SATAII (e-SATA) hard disk and other monitoring special grade level is required . So as to have to rely on the stability and reliability .
        2 In addition NVR brand and type for the hard disk should carefully consider the use of the current hard disk manufacturers have to distinguish between general monitoring of professional and commercial use of two types of hard drives , the main difference lies in the different operating times and reliability , how much capacity for the adoption and how many hard drives to construct the condition of the system is also a need to take into consideration in the selection .
        3 Select a stable and secure platform is also one of the necessary conditions for the selection of NVR , as we all know NVR product is currently divided into two categories ; an SoC hardware -based embedded system products, general platform for Linux. The other is industrial-grade computer with IP camera system products , may be the Windows platform may also be Linux. The advantages of high reliability and stability of the former , but you can enter the limited ones . The latter advantage is that the CPU processing speed development of technology is not high, can support a variety of video compression formats, you can also support larger ones system. Can be chosen according to different needs . For example, in access management applications ones are few, you can consider using the former type of NVR. If you want to be able to access the larger ones , you can opt for the latter .
        4 also supports the diversity front of the camera selection on NVR elements , usually the user usually only found NVR should be compatible with his selection of IP network camera, or only support a few specific brands of network cameras is sufficient. In fact, in addition to supporting the current NVR own brand camera brand , but should also be able to support other major brands on the market , so that the agents, or contractors and users in the selection of NVR and IP camera applications do not match will be hard , and it is currently under implementation in the ONVIF standard 2.0 , if the NVR does not support compatible IP surveillance camera through the pan , then this NVR can be excised from your consideration list.
        5. NVR must also be considered in the selection of the performance of the client and management background , because the remote client (Client) application and management background is a basic function of NVR , so when NVR selection, client and management background for this two functions can not be ignored . The current management of remote users NVR NVR is the use of the Web server or to monitor, video recorders and other basic operations through remote client add-on software , there is equipment and systems for remote configuration and management , if you need to add an alert linked operation, while the back-end platform that we must have to manage multiple NVR integrated management and the ability to operate the equipment and alarm equipment . In the back-end management platform NVR must NVR can manage multiple remote backup image in order to achieve the most practical requirements NVR are distributed centrally managed .
        NVR on the selection of hardware and software used in the procurement function is one of the key selection , the choice of hardware and software features are NVR NVR important aspect when choosing its software can note whether they have support plug and play , support for smart image search , support for back-end mobile video monitoring services , supports multiple alarm connections, automatic remote backup schedule . In addition to these functional requirements , but also to view the man-machine interface software is to do simple, user-friendly, reliable and stable. As for the hardware functional requirements NVR , you need to look at whether to support HDMI / VGA / Video output interface necessary , or to support cameras PoE capability , whether with dual power redundancy , to say whether a network interface port and whether the conditions for the Giga network ports , with or without support of external storage expansion interface, and so , it seems as if these sporadic demands , but they are in the choice of projects and users NVR when discretion must be taken into account .

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