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  • How much you know about the surveillance camera IR lens

        For megapixels HD surveillance camera would you choose HD lens, then you know that in many high-definition camera , according to the function can be divided into ordinary lens and IR lens it? If you do not pay attention to the effect that IR night vision surveillance camera for you is an ordinary lens, if you have additional requirements for night vision , IR camera then you must not miss.
        Why is there IR Lens
        What are the limitations of ordinary surveillance camera ? IR lens appears to compensate it? What are the implications of surveillance camera picture quality ? A series of problems waiting for us to find the answers.
        Ordinary surveillance camera with infrared light at night , the focus will change position , the image becomes blurred, and IR lens focus infrared light and visible light consistency , so image clearer. Due to the light waves of different lengths of light during the day and night , refracted through the lens can also cause bias, and this bias is color, clarity also shot down an important reason for focusing untrue .
        When the surveillance camera feature segments, infrared cameras, low-light cameras have appeared , which is a growing emphasis on night vision surveillance . IR infrared short, therefore IR night vision lens is dedicated to creating monitoring " artifact ." Maybe a surveillance camera cost is not high , but the IR lens can bring less investment to the user. Night vision image correcting method is not only an IR lens , a normal lens + IR-CUT is also a solution, but the more difficult part is to bring greater post-maintenance , there is a step to get the products and why own trouble yet.
        Perhaps IR lens also encountered embarrassment IP surveillance camera development, from a single input costs point of view, an infrared lens corresponding price higher than the price of ordinary lenses 2/3 , thus causing users and engineering companies have some concerns in the procurement . But in the long perspective, this configuration does one go can bring greater benefits than money .
        IR lens multi- faceted
        IR focal plane of the lens to solve the migration problem , what kind of fusion technology? For example, a new optical design and special optical glass materials (LD optical glass ) technology, eliminating the focal plane of the visible and near-infrared light offset ; , or using a special ED lenses, to solve ordinary electric light in the infrared lens under the conditions of the " out of focus " problem.
        These lenses after the implementation of applications to be sure that people , then what kind of vendors based on the realization of the principle of it , this may require data to illustrate the problem . Ordinary CCTV surveillance camera lens at the time of the optical design is only for 350-700nm wavelength light color correction , above 700nm infrared light is not taken into account in , which resulted in the visible and near infrared light (700nm-950nm) of focal plane separation. If equipped with a normal lens use , nighttime infrared region within range (700nm-950nm) will make the image blur , the need to focus again.
        According to this problem, through a special coating designed with the use of special optical materials such that the light in the 350-950nm wavelength range can be a good corrective color , IR Infrared technology is also appropriate to produce the corresponding 24- hour surveillance work to bring not need tune again coke. Therefore, the monitoring system can get a clear image of the aid under an infrared light source .
        IR lens technology is not a problem, affecting its development lies in possible prices. To be sure , the infrared lens corresponds to remain in the coming years the demand for larger products , once the yield up, the cost of compressed natural effects of lower prices. IR lens will be the future of the mainstream, 2014 will be the year of a comprehensive upgrade security monitoring , infrared night vision surveillance by then it will not become a burden no longer.

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