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  • Electronic fences three advantages and application analysis

        Network electronic fence perimeter security for the electric power industry has played an important role. It has a remote control, multi-level networking equipment linkage three major advantages that can solve the power industry security facilities in remote , scattered layout of the two problems , protect the safe operation of power facilities , to ensure a stable and harmonious people´s production and life.
        Three advantages of electronic fences
        A centralized management of the whole
        Sensing layer control system connected to the host in addition to the main front enclosed cable sensor , but also both connected directly to the switch interface, which is easy access to other nearby alarm detection equipment ; while controlling layer devices via bus technology and address code module integration and compatible with third-party perimeter alarm detection devices , thus forming a unified perimeter alarm management platform. All alarm signals to the management center can access a terminal controller ( keyboard ) , staff can be unified management . Also the keyboard can control alarms, equipment parameters and other information into a data -based TCP / IP network standards , was administrator privileges can view only locally, without the aid of specialized software , you can access the other terminal via the network .
        2 , to simplify the state inquiry
        While traditional electronic fence hosts for host failure , primary / standby power off , etc. equipped with an automatic alarm function , but it can only achieve local independent device status feedback. For more information on multiple hosts , keyboards and other equipment unified query , often also need to arrange personnel to the scene to see , places to check even more difficult to achieve . Use of network technology can be a good solution to this problem and achieve the maintenance checks to simplify .
        3 , real-time control, correspondence promptly
        24 hours a day to achieve real-time data acquisition and control . Face of unexpected events , managers can quickly add clients from headquarters or remote access to the electronic fence system , the implementation of emergency treatment , greatly enhance the efficiency of incident handling , reducing the risk of loss expanded .
        Application of the electronic fence
        Model architecture network electronic fence can be divided into the physical layer, the sensing layer , control layer , network layer, application layer of five-layer structure .
        Physical layer that is installed in the field of hardware security devices , such as electronic fence front-end systems , video surveillance camera, alarm lights , LED lights , etc. Patrol collection points , the main role is to carry detection signal , blocking , deterring invasion person .
        Various types of equipment and transmission cable sensor sensing layer composed , analytical detection signal , and alarm information to identify the function of transmitting signals . Control layer using a data bus technologies, including control of the keyboard , alarm host, hard disk recorders , play on the front of the sensor layer device integration and management of local control, arm and disarm, to adjust the operating mode , the alarm signal analysis and processing, such as management control signals upload function.
        Network layer is to provide support for network communication system equipment based on alarm information to achieve the front transmission equipment, according to the different needs of users can use the LAN , WAN variety of network structure , Internet and so on.
        Application layer is a combination of user specific application scenarios , proper integration linkage, such as analysis and storage.
        When someone illegally crossing the fence or destroyed , the first lights will issue a warning light and sounds immediately expelled . Pulsed electron fence after the host receives the signal emitted by the front immediately take the initiative to complete the transfer . Surveillance camera quickly adjusted to the corresponding region of the preset position , the linkage was invaded LED lights illuminate the area , to ensure that even in the dark of night can also clear the picture is transmitted to an alarm booth and management center.
        Security management platform software management center within the pop-up alerts prompt window , and send alarm messages to the designated person phone via SMS module . After the duty to respond immediately get alerts personnel to the scene to deal with arrangements .
        Security management platform software with alarm records check, live images back to see other functions, provide a scientific basis for later processing invasion .
        In addition the software also allows remote control and inter-regional level management to make more controlled site constitutes closely with upper management system , to facilitate unified command, unified management.

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