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  • Image signal transmission : HD video surveillance throat strangling

        With the development of image sensor technology , low-cost high-pixel sensors are increasingly used in security IP camera, thus 720P, 1080P HD IP camera is no longer unattainable luxury. With the development of digital technology, millions of high-definition surveillance system has matured , the development of its entire surveillance industry has played a great role , and HD monitoring system has become an inevitable trend.
        However, the current extensive use of high-definition products are based network transmission technology, direct transmission is almost extinct in the HD era . But still based on TCP / IP protocol network model, and such a system and the need to address the transmission delay , network congestion , support and maintenance of large problems. Because the network transport protocol for sending and developed a file system , the amount of data is small, less demanding real-time , but the terminal equipment ( computer ) requirements, transmission and attach many conditions , resulting in the current IP camera applications the actual situation. Thus , high-definition picture signal transmission problems , stuck his neck on the direct transfer high-definition applications.
        Video surveillance systems require transmission of the live image signal to the backend control system , the transmission distance of tens of meters to several kilometers covered , a few hundred meters to a maximum distance of transmission . Many characteristics of data transmission techniques and frequency are related because the electrical signal transmission line, and the frequency of the signal will be related , the higher the frequency , the faster the attenuation , the shorter the transmission distance ; information carried by the signal again, and the frequency , the greater the amount of information required for the wider frequency band , and the cost of transmission is more expensive. So , looking for a match with the practical application of technology to meet the costs as low as possible mode of transmission is particularly critical for application monitoring .
        Due to limitations transmission technology, the HD application has been greatly restricted , the development of technology need to find an effective transfer mode , can the original non -compressed video signal transmission to the terminal, with the back-end video card or embedded DVR compression process , effectiveness, cost , stability, convenience of construction are coaxial with SD as the analog video transmission systems . Only in this way can poke HD clouds , get a lot of practical applications.
        Is known , is a high quality coaxial cable transmission line, which can be in a wide band electrical signal to a low transmission loss , which is particularly suitable for transferring video signals . Coaxial cable is the most widely used video transmission medium , is generally used for short distance transmission of the video signal . Electrical characteristics of coaxial cable makes it ideal for transmitting video camera to monitor the entire video signal (CCTV video signal is generated by a very wide distribution of low-frequency signals and high-frequency signal composed ) .
        When a signal transmission frequency (20Hz to several thousand Hz), can be used almost any kind of wire. But you want to send in the frequency range between 20Hz video signal 6MHz , but does not want any attenuation , you need to use a special coaxial cable. Therefore, the coaxial cable is a high quality video signal transmission line video monitoring system is normally used.
        Image signal transmission technology , is a major factor in the throat strangling HD video surveillance applications , with the gradual deepening of HD video surveillance applications , the image signal transmission requirements will be higher , the future ability to keep pace with the development of high-definition video surveillance , yet need time to prove.

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