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  • Introduction of IP camera supported network transmission protocol

        TCP / IP protocol
        TCP / IP (TransmissionControlProtocol / InternetProtocol) that the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol connectivity using lP protocol provides connection-oriented network services, to provide a reliable end to end transmission on unreliable network design. TCP / IP defines how electronic devices connected to the Internet , and how the data transmission standard between them. Also we use the Internet protocol . For IP camera , this is the most basic protocol. Often use their reliability to transmit IP video camera control commands , such as PTZ control , 1 / O device control commands. However, TCP overhead when transferring large strong real-time audio and video streaming , if the network is unstable , audio and video jitter phenomenon obviously .
        HTTP protocol
        HTTP (HyperTextTransferProtocol) Hypertext Transfer Protocol , the main file is run on the website (text, graphics, sound , video and other multimedia files ] set the rules , details the rules for communication between the browser and the World Wide Web . HTTP protocol upper end of the TCP / IP protocol suite run . IP camera via the HTTP protocol on the external network IP camera can be manipulated easily be audio and video data transmission through a complex network .
        TCP protocol
        TCP (TransmissionControlProtocol) Transmission Control Protocol , Internet protocol suite in four protocols , TCP layer is located above the IP layer , transport layer, application layer beneath . TCP is the role of the application layer data stream sent from the appropriate length is divided into segments .
        ICMP protocol
        ICMP (InternetControlMessageProtocol) is the Internet Control Message Protocol . Used between IP hosts , routers pass control messages. Control message refers to the network through the barrier, the host is reachable , the router is available and other news network itself . For the transfer of user data plays a role .
        UDP protocol
        UDP (UserDatagramProtocol) that packet protocol , is the most basic network transmission protocol, using IP protocol provides connectionless network service , commonly used to package and real time audio and video data network , even if a network packet loss during transmission , the customer it will not affect the very end audio and video browsing.

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