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  • Security dome surveillance camera in the elevator

        Recently, due to sabotage endless variety criminals , elevator security risks are also increasingly grim up, therefore , elevator security monitoring more people´s attention . As the place where there are elevators will be used to video surveillance camera; while the elevator is a closed box, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of various emergencies , installing security cameras is required . The elevator environment , dome camera is the brunt of the device . Due to limited space elevator , personnel -intensive, so installation requires dome cameras can be monitored throughout the elevator car , there can be dead , of course at the time of installation the user to select a dedicated elevator Dome Camera wide angle lens in order to solve the problem dead ; and clarity about 480 cable.
        Most of the time no one is using the elevator , the car which is energy-saving fluorescent off, if you need 24-hour monitoring box you can select the IR dome camera, otherwise you can select Normal Dome Camera (when someone enters the elevator car light will automatically turn on when the lighting ) . As the elevator car is very short, the inevitable destruction of man go free device , then the user can choose proof dome camera .
        The elevator is a complex environment of the carrier, the car outside their motor running when the power supply will have a huge interference signal ; video signal interference monitoring naturally vast number of projects is a problem often encountered . So how do you avoid it ?
        First, select the project from the device and users should try to use sophisticated equipment on the market , elevators dedicated anti-interference ability of the dome camera . Use elevator cable in wiring time, careful not to damage the cable . In terms of the use of electricity as much as possible security surveillance camera surveillance power interface elevator reserved , to prevent accidental leakage accident ; while in normal mode can not solve the interference problem, you can consider taking anti-jamming measures in the transmission line .
        Most elevator monitoring system built models are wired analog signal transmission mode , the connection is displayed on the control room display platform , as the position of the display and there are no special requirements, according to the needs of users are displayed in a conspicuous location easy viewing can.
        Due to the small elevator space , personnel crowded, difficult rescue accident happened once , then when installing surveillance camera should be noted that more stringent operational processes and installation specifications ; non- random access , Luanla unrelated cable line interface to meet specifications, not free to lap ; product quality to try to use and reliable ( eg : cameras , transformers, cables, etc. ) , there must be relevant test reports and certificates. Thus in order to reduce the incidence of various types of accidents .
        In addition , the longer the video line , the possibility of the existence of the video signal interference noise , the greater the quality of the video signal transmission will drop ; in some of the larger industrial areas, need to focus on the monitoring of the environment , this analog signal transmission the system will lose its effect. At this time , contractors and users can use digital signal transmission mode to reduce signal interference and simplify wiring , or using wireless transmission eliminates the tedious things construction wiring.

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