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  • Analog surveillance equipment defects Big Secret

        Both the media , manufacturers flicker or user self-perception , when an increasing number of network monitoring equipment is defined as " HD" , but also represents a growing number of analog devices gradually be eliminated. Then , what is the reason for analog surveillance equipment in trouble if overnight it ? Is the temptation of low prices can not restore traditional analog monitor you.
        What kind of monitoring equipment lovable
        When the monitoring equipment is becoming increasingly popular , and perhaps we see in the stores are too many types of monitoring equipment , how to find a fit in the open sea to own it? Prices , features, operation is crucial in these three seems most people, then compare simulation and IP camera, analog devices seem to have an advantage .
        Analog monitor advantage
        In many performance parameters , the simulation monitoring equipment advantage is not obvious, but for the delay of speaking, I am afraid this is the only reason for monitoring "fresh " simulation . In addition, the current domestic network environments and network bandwidth , in fact, the development of network monitoring equipment is also very bad . Although IP video camera has H.264 compression , dynamic data such as stream flow control technology , it is undeniable that to get better image quality will certainly require higher network bandwidth.
        Since the analog monitor with IP surveillance incomparable advantages , why said analog control is " so monitoring " mean ? Apparently its drawbacks more " deadly ."
        Analog monitor Mishap - image
        Network monitoring developments related to the impact of bandwidth by operators, equipment vendors and security relationship is not great. But for analog surveillance equipment Mishap - an image , it is hard to avoid the question . First analog surveillance camera image quality low resolution, the following chart, the numbers are not very clear shot . If the distance problem, then take a look at the effect of a change in distance .
        From the 8th floor to the outside overhead view, ground character only became " black specks " In fact, it is difficult to see the basic outline . More importantly , it is not only the image resolution is not enough, in fact, the picture can also be found after a 1:1 reduction will have a " jagged ." Whether it is video surveillance camera configures itself insufficient , or using codec " not to force " , have proved flawed analog monitoring equipment on the image quality .
        Why analog control weaknesses into strengths ?
        I also mentioned in the above advantages about zero latency analog monitoring equipment , then why did he become a disadvantage it? Data transmission delay caused nothing but includes two aspects, one is the transmission bandwidth problem , the other is the transmission distance. Obviously the farther distance transmission , there may cause a longer delay .
        Analog monitor short board that short distance transport , long-distance transmission is not impossible, but input costs will be greater, which some worthwhile investment for the entire monitoring equipment is . Obviously there is no more perfect solution before analog monitor still occupy LAN monitoring transmission throne.
        All in all , the analog monitor image quality Mishap become a major factor in its development lags behind , and if you intend to buy surveillance equipment , I also do not recommend that you choose to do so monitoring equipment , maybe it really cheap price , but it ´s picture quality is really a headache.

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