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  • NVR market segments Introducing the concept of cloud

        Video surveillance systems development for decades, in recent years, traditional analog systems to digital at a rapid pace , network evolution and intelligent monitoring systems . Surveillance video recording devices are also the first generation of tape recorders, the second generation of Digital Video Recorder (DVR), a third -generation hybrid Digital Video Recorder (H-DVR) gradually over to the fourth generation is now the hottest Network DVR (NVR). With the breakdown of the trend of prevalence , NVR industry application status? How prospects ?
    NVR development of China´s current situation
    NVR is currently in China is still in its initial concept to confirm trial promotion stage. In fact, I can place NVR DVR can be used, there are some differences in the actual application , network facilities to improve the place with NVR more, had no network rollout , inconvenient to use NVR. DVR in the vast majority of applications where analog cameras , the resolution is less than or equal to D1. NVR is mainly used in the field of distributed storage networks , IP cameras and high-resolution occasions ( megapixels ) .
    In the long run , NVR will be more advantages than the DVR , reflected in the ability to make full use of network resources , deployment simplicity and flexibility of the system , you can expect superior performance , reflecting aspects such as intelligence . It is the initial stage of NVR from technology products is not insurmountable difficulties, but because of the high maturity DVR application , and also to the primary direction of the development of the network , for example, appear DVR / network video recorder products , NVR standardization has not been completed and other reasons , NVR DVR as well as to become a mainstream alternative to the difficulty , NVR and DVR will coexist for a long last two years .
    NVR market trends segmentation
    Front of the camera breakdown products have been very skilled, diverse species , to meet the different light and dark environments , different application orientation / demand fields , while the back-end products , although not so much different complex application environments , but also appeared , such as schools, finance, roads, hospitals , energy , residential and other different industries backend equipment.
    NVR After several years of development , has been relatively mature, and have customized for different customers NVR products and features appear. For example , for a safe city , the financial network systems, electronic multi-level examiners inspect network video surveillance systems and other large projects , you can adopt platform-based NVR product , its stability , scalability , access forwarding performance , mass storage and redundancy backup performance , outstanding , high performance, high stability, high reliability , good scalability characteristics.
    The medium-sized network video surveillance project for education, finance, government and enterprise units , commercial buildings , etc., may be more common on the market using the HD NVR products, mainly for users to achieve video, video storage , real-time monitoring, centralized display , remote client access , alarm functions , not only stability , image clarity, and strong management capabilities and scalable , economical and practical, warmly welcomed by the market and favor .
    In addition , a growing concern for the civilian market , such as shops, homes, small businesses , kindergartens and other small , mini- network video surveillance projects, mainly for real-time monitoring of critical areas , to post evidence can be a more affordable HD NVR product , its configuration is more flexible and easier to customize the applications, easier to use ( automatic networking , zero configuration, etc. ) , and incorporates part of the intelligence analysis capabilities , high quality , cost-effective , in the system, the main realization of video, storage , real-time monitoring and management capabilities, more cost-effective for users to customize the overall system solution.
    NVR cloud technology concepts into future development
    ◇ openness, compatibility and more comprehensive
    Thanks to the process of standardization of network monitoring , with between now NVR, IP video camera and application systems with the same language , an image is no longer an island, but with the division of industrial cooperation situation. Despite the industry´s major manufacturers are more comprehensive product line , but in the standardization of everyone seemed more open . Currently ONVIF, PSIA and domestic GB28181 is one of the typical standardized network monitoring can be said to further popularize guarantee.
    ◇ storage reliability and economic requirements
    Storage characteristics between DVR and NVR ´s professional network storage devices, both the advantages of both . For example, inherited the DVR application is simple and convenient , but also have a professional storage reliability. Support for common hard drive, reducing the cost of using and supporting simple and effective application mode can significantly extend the life of the hard drive . Optional support for various RAID levels generally provide highly reliable storage solutions , so that the video data is not important because the hard drive is damaged and lost.
    ◇ flexible networking , easy to expand
    NVR aid network , you can build a more flexible system that can be deployed beyond the traditional sequential pattern layer by layer , to reduce intermediate links , fast direct monitoring business between image sources and users , there is no intermediate conversion sectors , more efficient application investment of resources is also more economical. For example , to build a network -based NVR surveillance system , deploying video wall , just TV wall decoding devices connected to the network , regardless of the resources needed for real-time image or picture video playback , as long as the authorized direct access to be able to point to point , not needs , such as the middle part of the matrix , when building large-scale applications to better reflect this advantage .
    ◇ integration with intelligent features to enhance defense rating
    NVR can be applied by means of intelligent technology allows more efficient, as follows :
    Smart Search : Allows access to the video once time-consuming red tape has become extremely easy , so events of interest to pop up instantly , without concern unrelated to the time period of the video .
    Intelligent Video quality testing : NVR can be connected to regular testing conditions the camera image , such as lens cover , focus blur and other conditions that can prompt the user to find and notify
    Intelligent real-time alarm functions: a combination of NVR and IP network camera can achieve real-time intelligent function alarm , warning area , goods protection, detection, crowd and brawl
    Business occasion useful features : NVR also can achieve some commercial applications useful features , such as people counting , walking tracks drawn human face recognition. Depth data mining , so the video will become a speech .
    ◇ integration with business management systems
    NVR play in the enterprise applications increasingly important role , from the most basic security monitoring equipment to start carrying more applications , has become an important management tool for enterprise visualization , such as on the production line of site management, supply chain management, out of storage and logistics management and other application scenarios , it brings true image recording and integration of information is other management tools can not be compared. In particular, there is a chain of branches in the enterprise , NVR is deployed in each branch office structure , with headquarters synergistic information , although like every thousand eyes, ready to carry out on-site management .
    ◇ integration with mobile networks
    NVR can watch live video via mobile phone or tablet PC via wireless access IP camera, or even let the phone act as IP camera, flexible implementation of interesting applications. NVR with intelligent bandwidth adaptation designed to automatically adjust the bit rate of the video stream synergistic according to network conditions , whether it is 2G or 3G, then or WiFi, can try to provide sufficiently clear and smooth video . Some well-designed NVR have emerged, steady stream through the wireless transmission of high-definition video , you can also order a hot car -centric deployments , to provide mobile systems operating near back-end services such as video recording and management , to the traditional automotive systems with to a different application modes.
    ◇ provide cloud storage services
    The concept of cloud computing is not yet universal promotion in the field of security monitoring , but the practical effect existing network monitoring system is actually a cloud system, but the small size of the point , part of the private cloud category. NVR can serve as a basis for this piece of cloud particles is also in charge of a core area , to provide resources to the upper system is also enjoying it brings services. Current cloud storage applications in the monitoring system is not realistic , but it is intelligent cloud technology is an important landing point landing in monitoring . NVR can be transported to the upper cloud intelligent analysis of the results , so that the cloud easily get accurate information effectively , on the other hand , the cloud can provide global intelligence services to achieve interoperability integrate information sharing computing resources can be achieved .

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