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  • IP camera How to pick up sound

        IP camera pickup to how to solve the problem , IP camera how pickup ?
        IP camera pickup is actually a very easy problem to solve , and , IP camera picked up audio signals encoded in the front has become a digital audio signal , and then through the transmission lines to be stored on the NVR or computer , as opposed to the previous simulation pickup , pickup audio quality IP camera can be greatly improved.
        To resolve the IP camera pickup as long as the following conditions can be several :
        1, IP video camera encoder board design used audio input interface , if you are using the IP camera has no audio input interface, can not talk about the pickup , and generally able to reach the level of IP camera works will have audio encoding this function , it has a corresponding audio input interface .
        2 , the client software or NVR uses functional audio encoding and decoding of audio playback
        Just with these two conditions, we can easily achieve IP network camera picked up audio and video synchronization .
        So how to pick up the high-quality sound of it , this is a great choice on how to pay attention to the pickup device , first we have to determine what our IP camera ´s audio input interface is also MIC LINE input , if LINE input , then we want to use active pickups with audio amplification , so pick up the effect will be good ; If the MIC input, the use of general passive pickups can also pickup ´s . Of course , whether active or passive pickups pickups are all very different from the grade and price , from the ordinary to a thousand dollars per dozen pickups are some exceptions, for different grades of pickups in has a significant difference in the degree of noise reduction processing and the human voice .
        Finally , there is a problem is often done by some of the simulated contractors asked : IP camera pickup cloth need not require an audio cable to the VCR , the answer to this question is : no ! Because the camera inside our audio has been encoded into a digital signal with our digital video signal transmission through the network cable together to come up our VCR .

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