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  • HD Monitor advantage in technology

        Currently, the traffic monitoring system put into use HD IP camera can reach 1.3 million pixels , 2,000,000 , 5,000,000 and even . HD smart IP camera returns traffic conditions, road conditions clearer and more detailed picture information more effectively . This upgrade is technically based monitoring system to make up for the lack of a standard definition camcorder , improve the efficiency of the monitoring system. In recent years, major manufacturers have launched full HD , Ultra HD products to promote to high-definition , intelligence development of intelligent traffic monitoring system .
        For video surveillance , the image resolution HD monitoring is undoubtedly the most critical indicators. The sharper the image , the more obvious details , the better the viewing experience , the accuracy of business intelligence applications are also higher . HD IP camera can not only provide a wide viewing angle , to show more detail of the image, whether it is still the overall picture quality color reproduction and image quality on the processing and analysis can be greatly improved. HD video surveillance systems generally use a higher level of h. 264 coded , so that the subject to get closer to the real picture visual effects. Meanwhile, mass storage devices increases, prices continue to drop , with high-definition images stored video files are becoming more common , making real-time playback of video and high-definition screen to achieve the same effect , for the detection of cases , provide an important basis for treatment .
        Transmission network based on high-definition intelligent cameras more flexible, all data and information need only one cable will be solved . HD capture , the 5 million pixel image , not only clearer, broader, more detail, the picture will not be amplified distortion , high-definition pictures can see the facial features of the license plate and vehicle drivers. HD and SD monitoring is replacing Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System monitors become the main force .

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