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  • Network speed dome application problems need to be resolved

        Despite the high speed dome HD , 360 -degree angle without blind , fixed monitoring functions give the impression that the cruise is good, but in the actual application process, some drawbacks also will be surfaced , manufacturers need to strive to resolve.
        Speaking on a short board ball machine applications exist, we all know, when the ball machine does not rotate , the equivalent of the bolt . Today, there are many cities in the blind pursuit of the ball machine building , but the actual application, the dome has never been used for cruising or track , when security incidents occur , often due to the angle of the ball machine problem , do not capture the proper recording in the camera range point the camera did not play a real role . Therefore, from a practical application point of view, how to play ball machine can be flexibly zoom and rotate advantage , whether through built-in intelligence and combat service platform together to achieve an effective , low false alarm rate of dome own functional advantages of the excavation, the entire chain and solutions need to concern.
        Currently, there are two high speed dome on the practical application of short board , short board is the first interoperability problems. Current mainstream ONVIF, PSIA, GB28181 access protocols such as third-party NVR card frame phenomenon exist , or can not control PTZ and dome IP camera features serious deficiencies and other issues. The second short board is handling the issue of speed dome . High speed dome network compared to traditional analog ball with inherent network latency , the current network HD speed dome PTZ control is transferred out using the control interface to zoom, rotate and other controls , due to network latency and control the step size of the reasons , the current network HD speed dome is difficult to precisely control the object you want to monitor activity , very difficult. This put high speed dome network application experience reduced a lot, far less than traditional analog control of the ball handy.
        In addition to the application , the ball machine its own technology also exists room for improvement, such as sensors and illumination problems. Movement HD ball machine is mainly used in CMOS image sensors , because the use of shutter CMOS -type exposure mode , resulting in the ball machine image appears in the process of high-speed tilting movement, while jitter ball machine in the case of large magnification monitoring it also uses the common problems existing CMOS movement within the industry . Another bottleneck is the piece of technology to improve nighttime infrared effects , due to the presence of visible and infrared light at night , the movement in the auto-focus problem is very prominent at night , breaking the technical problems will bring a qualitative improvement nighttime monitoring results.
        Due to high speed dome generally installed outdoors , with respect to the indoor unit , post-maintenance is difficult. Also, due to the harsh outdoor environments, the reliability of the ball machine also made high demands , these two points there is a very large room for improvement at this stage. In addition , the current market is the largest movement of HD 30x optical zoom , lens if greater demand , the internal structure of the dome presents new challenges.
        Trends: technology integration interoperability
        From the direction of view, the network definition , intelligence, speed dome rapid technological convergence is the future mainstream trends. Future development will speed dome support GB/T28181 access through standard protocols and network standards Onvif, PSIA, CGI to achieve interoperability between multi-vendor , multi-platform ; through support higher resolution, higher and higher magnification the frame rate to get more high-quality images ; through integrated intelligent functions , change from passive to active surveillance monitoring ; through and license plate recognition , flash synchronization technology integration , and video effects to enhance nighttime road security monitoring effective utilization.
        Chinese market and international markets, the current domestic end-users are more concerned about the effect of infrared night market , and the international community is more concerned about the color illumination at night . Therefore, the future development of high speed dome still depend on their ability to differentiate their innovative features to ensure market share . Therefore , a number of industry-specific applications for industry characteristics derived ball machine is the future development trend of high speed dome .
        In addition , there is high speed dome PTZ function compared to a fixed class IP camera, these features will significantly reduce the number of deployed cameras , thus reducing the cost of consumption , while allowing the operation more convenient , so the future demand for ball machine will continue to grow rapidly . An important factor in favor of speed dome development are: the price is much higher than traditional analog ball like fixed cameras , high positioning. With the decline in the cost of high speed dome , high speed dome in the future to replace analog ball machine at the same time , but also partially replace the fixed class cameras, such as bolt , hemisphere , etc. So , dig PTZ dome camera also features an HD good choice, speed dome appeared on the market today 3D control technology and virtual PTZ PTZ technology is the application of technology to upgrade its ultimate purpose is to make easier to use.

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