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  • Concerned about the 2014 Top 10 trends of video surveillance

        IHS recently released its fifth major trends for the video surveillance industry ´s annual white paper. 2014 finds all the industry trend is big data , thermal imaging cameras , as well as others rise of cloud computing and embedded audio features , but these are only a handful of trends in Chinese only, really in the next 12 -month period is mainly 10 monitor trends will be:
        1.2014 monitoring market trends onto the star market
        2 Big Data : Community Multimedia procurement and monitoring cluster analysis
        3 Cloud Monitoring open the Chinese market
        4 open markets thermal imaging cameras
        5 panoramic camera to provide a complete picture
        6.PoE various Power over Ethernet power
        7 streaming media will be an important criterion for the campus safe
        8 video image analysis to fork development surveillance camera manufactured sound in 2014
        10. Monitoring network providers began to enter new markets
        Monitoring market trends onto the star market
        IHS has been studying video surveillance equipment market for more than 10 years. In the meantime , the market is growing rapidly, most of the time double-digit growth in length. In 2014 there will be changes in the video surveillance market , IHS predicts that the global market will grow by more than 12%. In the global market , IHS identified the fixed dome and 180 / 360 network cameras as the fastest growing product segments project , as well as some of the city ´s energy monitoring applications and vertical markets.
        Video surveillance and social media new route
        After the Boston Marathon bombings , with the popularity of smart phones , with cell phone cameras and networking through social media to get the 2013 first upload all the survey data . Police IHS forecast a future in which the field will increase the manpower and resources to integrate this content , social media , after all, a lot of energy is needed to monitor , but if combined with video surveillance and social media approach, which will be the police solve the case The new route, but also for the future of software security integrators to provide a new route.
        Cloud Monitoring open the Chinese market
        In China , the concept of cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the gradual maturation of telecommunications infrastructure. With the improvement of network bandwidth and network product pricing declined , cloud-based video surveillance solutions provider drawing more attention . While cloud-based solution is not a mandatory choice , it missed a huge demand for private video surveillance video surveillance a good opportunity . Will pay more attention to a new customer base , IHS predicted value is defined by the application of video surveillance solutions it provides to its customers to create cloud -based . China more than 1 billion potential users , to get the right product and security features will be a winning combination .
        Thermal imaging cameras open markets
        IHS forecast during the next few years , thermal imaging cameras in the market will be open , the price will drop dramatically. Although thermal imaging technology has been applied to the commercial security industry , but still has not been commercialized. But in 2014 , the competition will continue to intensify , new products and new end markets will have a new breakthrough.
        Panoramic camera to provide a complete picture
        Wide-angle camera surveillance camera category in 2014 will be the winner , especially 180/ 360 degree panoramic IP camera, global shipments are expected to exceed 60% of the previous year , according to the HIS report is expected to be obtained in this type of camera a share of the market in vertical markets such as retail, airports and casinos, panoramic IP camera will be the key point to monitor a wide area.
        PoE Power over Ethernet Power
        With the continuous development of network video surveillance , more focus should be placed on supporting network infrastructure facilities , such as data transmission , etc., but we are here to say that is the key point is that the power supply. Recent developments in the power of Ethernet PoE standards and products will make this technology more options for change . IHS forecasts security camera manufacturers to develop low-power PoE IP cameras to meet the standard . And to overcome the distance Ethernet and PoE power supply and transmission of technical limitations , making it easier for market acceptance .
        Streaming media will be an important criterion for the campus safe
        Sandy Hook United States last year after school shooting incident , the security sector has begun to focus on safety facilities management , as well as shorten the time after the event security personnel to monitor the difference between video and enforcement . And in fact, this technology already exists, but the problem is that the cost , but more importantly, who will pay for the system - ? This has meant the market penetration has been limited. But today´s cost reduction and personal safety will be the focus of a modern , 2014 live streaming will likely become an important criterion for safe city safe campus .
        Video video analysis to fork development
        At this stage, video surveillance equipment vendors to embed the low-end video analytics applications on their devices , and become their "free " function. Therefore produce a problem: This city -frequency analysis will continue to be a market, but all applications will only provide free yet in this market reached this fork in the road , apparently vendors can no longer fundamental analysis algorithms ? charge. But advanced and reliable analysis , however, in 2014 VCA video surveillance equipment market will remain to the end-user application needs in a viable market.
        Security surveillance camera manufactured sound in 2014
        More than 70% of the IP camera in 2013 global sales applications play a unidirectional or multidirectional audio features, a new analysis from IHS. Security integrators are rarely add sound transmission. But having said that, more and more embedded audio sound source localization analysis and even identification market penetration will increase. There are many applications in different areas of the product in accordance with the available technology , the increase in these functions, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of the work , IHS predicted that the market will be in 2014 will see the audio capabilities of video surveillance systems are valued.
        Network monitoring vendors began to enter new markets
        Contrary to popular under the physical security in the near future the market will be more consolidation . However , video surveillance vendors start watching a new market, they will invest in fast-growing market profits . Like Apexis IP camera has always been focused on the development of the same , IHS expects this trend to continue into 2014 and will be more and more new products and services released .

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