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  • Wireless monitoring draws attention Wireless and wired integration is better

         Wireless is the basis of home monitoring , although it is not the core technology, but in terms of the camera is installed , operational aspects , wireless IP camera is more popular than the wired monitoring. In terms of price , the wireless device may be slightly more expensive , but definitely value for money ; On the technical side , the built-in wifi module and no technical difficulty. The use of wireless and wireline , advantages and disadvantages not only reflected in the surveillance.
        On the three sections of the historical development of wireless monitoring experience
        Stage one : the large customer application oriented
        Currently , high-end industrial users such as domestic peace monitoring systems engineering , road traffic monitoring, inspection and quarantine of electronic monitoring and video surveillance , mostly for large-scale metro and even national industry of video surveillance systems. High requirements on the imaging device . Before wired devices are in use , requiring sight, kept good. And now because of work needs to begin to get involved in wireless image acquisition ( such as traffic patrols , mobile patrols safe city , urban management and mobile patrols and law enforcement ) and mobile video viewing and control. Because of these large customers purchasing enough money , a large amount of business has been a major manufacturer of point security . In the future, this phenomenon will not change.
        Phase II: Monitoring the main commercial part of the family and the promotion of niche
        Small and medium business users users in the future is not only a potential market for wireless network monitoring , it will be an important area wireless network monitoring applications. Such users mainly refers to small shops and medium-sized supermarkets, hospitals, educational institutions monitoring requirements. Because users easy installation of monitoring requirements , easy maintenance, high efficiency requirements and other characteristics, wireless network video surveillance business penetration in such applications will have a larger room for improvement.
        Business users business demand for wireless video surveillance in addition to mobile video surveillance and other basic monitoring requirements , often also need to monitor the system and enterprise business systems combine the use of surveillance camera such as a hospital ambulance for emergency patients , adults through the camera monitoring teach kids off the gas valve , handle emergency home affairs , internal bank armored personnel real-time monitoring applications. In short, the future development potential of wireless video surveillance in the commercial area would be great .
        Stage Three : Apply to a wide range of individuals and families
        With the development of technology standards, people and cognition improved economic level . Home IP camera will be well spread. Home wireless video monitoring user demand for video surveillance is relatively simple , mainly in demand for video services and alarm linkage services , delay the monitoring system , and so is not too high demands. However, due to the huge flow of data and signals , network dependent, families need to deploy a home wireless gateway and other factors restricting the development of family and personal network video monitoring , so home wireless video surveillance development and promotion of the difficulty is still relatively large , home wireless surveillance camera application was still relatively small. There are two major difficulties : the cost issues and understanding.
        Family / Personal Security is the most important security awareness. Many times due to personal negligence case itself hurt uncommon. In the future, how to sell security products to customers , how to change the concept of personal security will be the key enterprises. The / home wireless network monitoring equipment must be combined with more additional features in the future life of the individual , the individual can really attract buyers . Additional information , such as communications , home entertainment , community service and other functions.
        Smart home wired control : market share, significant deficiencies
        Wired control is the use of integrated wiring system , the home of a variety of devices ( such as security , lighting control , air-conditioning control system ) connected together to achieve the anti-theft alarm , lighting control , temperature control and other functions indoor applications .
        Wired control systems market applications more widely , a larger proportion of the current smart home system in contact with consumers . Signal wired control system is very stable , suitable for large area -wide control , but its flaws are relatively prominent , specifically:
        1 ) wiring trouble. In particular, have to stay home often requires Zaoqiang broken , not only affects the residential appearance, but also easy to destroy the wall structure ;
        2 ) poor scalability . Once inside the smart home product replacement dwelling must be a large area of the wiring system to replace or even re-wiring .
        3 ) high cost, long duration, only for decoration and construction of new homes on the former .
        Wireless control : the increasing penetration of smart home , risks can not be ignored
        Unlike wired control systems, wireless control using radio frequency carrier technology, the home side wireless connection and control to achieve intelligent control devices.
        The obvious advantages of wireless control systems . Experts pointed out that the use of a wireless system to control home equipment, not only to operate, convenient and simple to install , but also greatly increases the scalability of the device. Based on this, the penetration rate in recent years, wireless smart home control systems soared, many companies are phasing out of the cable market , turned the radio , " embrace " , future prospects evident.
        Wireless access control systems make more use of all safety and reliability
        Wireless networking equipment will simplify access door to the extreme point : a battery-powered locks. In addition to the opening above the door locks on outside , around the doors do not need to install any auxiliary equipment. The entire system is simple and clear, shorten the construction period , but also to significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
        Also, wireless networking access control system has a higher safety and reliability , which is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: to ensure stability and security of data transmission of wireless data communications . Because wireless networking access control system through intelligent frequency hopping technology to ensure that the signal can quickly avoid interference , while the communication process using dynamic keys and AES encryption algorithm, even if it is the same one instruction every time the air transport communications package is not Like , let the listener can not be intercepted.
        In addition, because only using battery power , only completely wireless , so wireless networking access is an ultra-low -power battery-powered products . Meanwhile, the faster communication speed means that the signal transmitted in the air, the shorter the time , the less power consumption , communication speed wireless networking access control system to achieve a 2Mbps, and its use in the implementation of the switching door locks only when the action power consumption . In summary, wireless networking access is environmentally friendly energy systems.
        With the development of technology, wireless technology is increasingly being taken seriously, it is foreseeable that the wireless and wired only perfect integration of the transition , in order to have better results reflected.

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