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  • NVR widely applied and many superiorities

        NVR as an integrated network video equipment, which combines video capture , preview and forwarding, storage, file system management and retrieval , playback and other functions in one, after recent years of rapid development , has been in various types of network video surveillance system a wide range of applications .
        NVR video data with diverse strengths : NVR front access video image data to be more flexible than DVR, mainly because of compatible network camera or network server outside , a little part of the brand´s NVR also compatible input analog video equipment , modulus mixed (HybridNVR) is also developing an analog video to digital transition most suitable applications.
        NVR wide transmission and expansion advantages : Unlike the DVR system to analog signals, so the video signal transmission distance will be largely constrained losses arising from the monitoring point and control center will be greatly constrained , not multi- regional or remote deployment. But NVR is different, based on the whole network architecture NVR video surveillance system products that can be interconnected via any IP network between the network surveillance camera and NVR monitoring points , therefore , control points can be located anywhere on the network, not restricted area and distance.
        NVR has wiring construction advantages: DVR basic analog past coaxial line , back-to- camera monitoring points are required for each laid coaxial video cable , audio cable, alarm control lines , remote PTZ camera control lines and other lines , so Once multiple line break or short , have a lot of time and manpower required for maintenance , cabling work is quite tedious . Also because of the amount of wiring required for large- scale projects on the big costs are followed to improve , these are unlikely NVR issues arising . Compared to the NVR can simply connect a network cable , eliminating a lot of wiring work details , construction costs are reduced.
        NVR advantage in convenient plug and play : For a long time , for network monitoring products, set up and operate networks often make use of contractors was troublesome, such as IP address settings , IP address assignment, domain settings and redirect and other complex operations management background software, etc. , are to contractors shunned , but since the advent of NVR is different , now not only have the IP network automatically dispatch the NVR, camera search and device management functions, but also has more convenient installation image settings . Stage just plug the network cable , turn on the power , the system will automatically search for IP front , automatically assign IP addresses automatically display screen , highlighting the advantages of NVR much plug and play .
        NVR storage up to a lot of advantages , and remote access to the backup: the last video store often interrupted due to an analog line can not get the video data , coupled with the DVR is limited by the storage capacity of the body and the lack of backup mechanism , so once the center of the device or line problems , the video will not be completed. And now after the way the use of NVR network because the architecture , allows the system to have the back-end storage and backup storage capabilities, coupled with the network camera under the front store , you can get a triple store warranty. NVR is now also greatly increased the storage capacity of the device , the current mainstream of SATA / SATAII (e-SATA), small to support a slot now hard to support 24 or more hard disk capacity , from an array of people to form a repository . In addition NVR also supports the storage of the RAID0, 1,5,6 and other backup types , such conditions in a large number of image storage and remote access to all applications when there is no past DVR advantage .
        NVR security advantage: the monitoring systems are generally more or less security risks exist , if in the absence of a safe and reliable condition , networks and applications are actually people do not trust , and in network monitoring , in the NVR monitoring under the mainstream have adopted a variety of streams through AES encryption, user authentication and authorization of these means to ensure the safety , security issues of network monitoring product is basically non-existent , and this is a big advantage NVR .
        Management advantages of the NVR : NVR network management monitoring system should be said that the biggest NVR system application advantages , NVR enables centralized monitoring and management of the entire transmission network and all IP camera , ranging from monitoring of equipment status and parameters to the device ´s health status . This management mechanism other monitoring systems that fall.

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