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  • Safe city monitoring and management platform software planning

        If you look at the present stage Safe City video surveillance system platform designed from the perspective of a unified video should be able to achieve centralized management of all video , to maximize cross-level inter-regional , inter-departmental sharing of resources and the Internet video surveillance mutual control , guarantee networked video transmission quality, providing a unified surveillance video information retrieval system resources , give full play to the role of video surveillance systems in strengthening social management, improve police efficiency and organizational group controlling, preventing and combating crimes and other aspects . In planning the monitoring center platform has the following conditions:
        Construction of centralized , unified Safe City video surveillance system. Combined with the characteristics of the city under the jurisdiction of each unit image information construction, unified planning , unified design , unified management , the formation of the Council , County Council , the police station three , points, lines , public safety technology system side , the city´s image upload resources issued , the whole network resource sharing images .
        Safe City video surveillance system multi -level networking . Council and the county bureau monitoring center can tune various subordinate police monitoring center to see all the video surveillance camera images to the police station under the various administrative villages, main streets , social unit , able to control the activities of the police station under the various cameras . Look tune various police stations , control all the camera images of the area under the respective control room . Branch monitoring center can monitor the front-end camera control point belongs .
        Compatibility platform. Safe City video surveillance system is compatible with all domestic brand of DVR, DVS, NVR, IP camera and other types of equipment must be compatible hardware devices involved.
        Open platform. Safe City video surveillance system must consider both the city and the county public security system has been built platform capable of seamless , integrated hardware to be able to reach an agreement , convenient service.
        Multi-level user rights management . Organizations can combine public security organs to implement multi-level departments , multi-level user rights management, providing top-down control and management , the higher authorities subordinate departments can manage and control ; supports user priority level management to ensure that the system of senior users and leaders at all levels in the major or emergency circumstances to control the operating system priority .
        Contingency plans. When an alarm occurs, the alarm can be achieved through joint contingency plans to make the platform staff on duty to keep abreast of relevant information and on-site dynamic alarm , and afterwards you can query or retrieve video data through the alarm information . Electronic map. Council and the county bureau of public security monitoring center under the jurisdiction of the police station can display multi-level , administrative village , multi-layered electronic map can show the distribution of neighborhoods , police station area range , the distribution of police , district police office and defense points of law and order position etc., and can click on the image display monitoring points ; monitoring network can be configured to operate through the electronic map.
        Smart Patrol . And counties under the jurisdiction of the PUC and can be automated inspection equipment , staff on duty at any time to view the system DVR, DVS, various types of servers , workstations and other working conditions as well as network conditions ; system can automatically generate daily working conditions of each monitoring point , the occurrence of fault type and time , the competent authorities to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the health monitoring system , to detect system problems , efficient, intelligent system management and maintenance .
        Alarm linkage control . In the event of an alarm , the camera can automatically switch between the default , will switch to the corresponding monitor image on the corresponding monitor and automatically locate the corresponding preset position , and can switch the remote preview group ; support arbitrarily chosen security surveillance camera for video group preview.

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