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  • Development and market applications of bio access control system

        Different different building structure , location and method of access control system installation is also different . Physical security systems, access control systems mostly work the way brush door card , the cardholder privileges due to different access points for the development of different , kind of thing often happens in the unit . Core Access Controller Access Control System is its handling authorization process. Cardholders are entitled to access to the set of access control , card can successfully enter will have to see whether this system is stable . Access control system work is far from as simple as you can see, each set of access control system solution must have a separate structure model, which can guarantee the security of buildings , residential and other areas .
        With the rapid growth of access control systems , proximity access control systems market is growing at an alarming 300% annual growth rate . Change from wired to wireless , distributed development control functions , such as the use of biometric systems development needs in innovation .
        Change from wired to wireless . Before 2002 , card access control device 485 is used , the use of RVSP twisted-pair wiring to communicate on each bus can support 32 devices . If there are multiple buses connect multi- port 485HUB finally pick converter into management computer. With the popularity of the network, the device is now directly access control card with TCP / IP communications. Currently , the wireless access is needed to solve the problem of the channel . The same wireless network camera , as in the wireless transmission device, without exception, because the signals are susceptible to being criticized by people . In large companies, schools, electromagnetic interference caused by excessive electrical computer will be a major weakness of the wireless access . How to solve this problem will become a bottleneck in its development.
        The rugged reader technology continues to improve. Given the tape card is bound to cause wear and tear, non -touch technique to avoid this problem. Since the card material damage and wear and tear , or need to be updated or re- distribution, leading to somewhat limit the life of the card . As technology advances , the new biometric passport will be , which solves the problem of the life of the card. When the water in addition to the existing limitations of some older systems , biometric system function inevitably rise. To bring this off change, must be used when integrated into the biometric access control system.
        Trends in the development of a distributed access control functions . In view of the lock and key is to control to authorized persons . Once the electronic system , and its control system will also benefit from a central security control reader through a simple interface distributed " smart" controller. This trend is to further extend the control functionality into the card reader , the card or the implant . Smart card access control industry is significant. They can store large amounts of data can be read to update , advanced encryption and password may be provided to protect the stored data may also be provided by the calculation processing capability .
        Biometric access control systems . Compared to traditional access technologies , biometrics has the advantage that it is inherent in the use of human physiological characteristics and behavioral characteristics to identify personal identity , whether it is from the convenient degree or safety considerations are in the upgrade.
        Compared with the traditional identification techniques , due to the traditional way of password and identity identification , such as IC cards , face cards have a password or need to carry the memory problem , but I forgot the password or card is lost, stolen , you can not achieve recognition purpose ; contrast biometric feature is that it does not require memory , there is no hassle to carry cards and keys , so no need to worry about the problem of being stolen , but also because it has a "unique " characteristics, the use of ARM CPU chip , the reaction and treatment speed, and enhance the safety and trustworthiness of identity is the cause of the current biometric technology increasing attention and popularity . Currently in testing , we can see that the field of application of biometric technologies in different ways , which include the most advanced biometric facial part of this test .
        Face Recognition Access Control in the biological part , as long as the interception of facial features using network cameras access control personnel were compared to verify the user ´s identity. Just look at the front of the camera user to complete the identification, no need for physical contact , the use of natural life, and most people can operate. In addition , computers, mobile phones equipped with cameras will be the future construction of the basic structure of the multimedia environment , a single camera can be multi-purpose use , cost-effective, access control industry is the most promising future applications .
        However, from the perspective of market applications , in addition to the field of fingerprint identification in attendance wider application outside , face recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition as well as emerging trends in technology there is no civilian , usually only used in some secret agency or to security demanding special place .
        In support of biometric technology, the access control system there may be a new specification. The biometric and access permissions and encrypt data stored in the card , so that only a local reader can use this data . Biometrics will be used to interpret the data card and get access permission. Reader must be connected in some way with the authorization database , and updated as needed card information. Data communication is developed from scratch , as the mechanical locking system to use proprietary protocols cable systems , to use the network standard communication protocol system . Data communication is more developed , the less reliance on devices connected to the cable. Increasingly popular wireless communication , Web services will become the cornerstone of the future of database information dissemination system.

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