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  • High frame rate cameras could become the future trend of development?

        With the rapid development of video surveillance , HD has become a mainstream trend. How to make their own surveillance and security products to maximize the effect of high definition , is a major research holds many lessons for monitoring business. Recently , some companies continue to launch high frame rate HD IP camera, these cameras can be achieved under the 1280 × 720 up to 60 frames / sec , the industry a big new hot spot . In the current situation , if the frame rate to improve to become a major trend in the development of future high definition ?
         Many companies have introduced high frame rate camera
        We usually refer to the frame rate is within 1 second picture frames transmission, usually expressed fps (FramesPerSecond). Each frame is a still image , the display frame in quick succession will form the illusion of movement, to restore the state of the object at the time . High frame rate can get a smoother, more realistic animation. The number of frames per second (fps) The more , the action will be displayed more smooth, textured picture is better. Especially for still images , the superimposed image is made from the same high level of detail .
        As for the widespread use of the current market megapixel IP camera , the image frame rate is generally set at 30fps, this value can be good to show a clearer picture of consistency for the naked eye . For analog control system , whether it is mainstream or 960H D1 quality , 25fps frame rate just right.
        However, in order to further enhance the continuity of the screen, showing a higher picture quality, engaged in research and development of high-definition video camera surveillance companies this year have launched a high frame rate IP camera.
        Promoting high frame rate encoding technology to enhance flourish
        Improve the surveillance camera ´s frame rate, the camera store for software make high demands . Under the same bit rate, frame rate means that high- speed image processing faster , increasing data transfer pressure to improve access speed requirements , capture video compression efficiency , appropriate and efficient codec technologies and multi-channel transmission technology , large data stream storage technology will have higher requirements.
        These chips are made ​​on a higher demand . The arrival of the era of high-definition IP brought to the market a better image quality, the camera can record the real scene better , and this is also reflected chip chip makers to improve all aspects of performance . Aspects of data processing chip , the chip features, the chip size and power consumption and chip prices, etc. are constantly innovate and compete. Coding module and ISP chip module performance in the real development of continuous improvement, making the HD era pixel camera and frame numbers are rising, high frame rate camera megapixels or even millions of pixels are possible, and in the frame performance compared to the rate on the 30 frames per second became the basic configuration , 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second is also gradually into the market .
        Improve chip processing technology to solve the big problem of high frame rates on the memory , which is capable of high-definition monitor manufacturer has introduced technology to support high frame rate monitoring products , but also allow more people within the industry for high frame rate cameras full confidence. High frame rates with its obvious advantages, will replace the existing low frame rate webcam is widely used in safety -critical , high demand for surveillance images of places. For less demanding situations can be a hybrid approach, using a high frame rate cameras at key locations in order to improve the monitoring of the quality , safety . All low frame rate IP camera occasions in theory you can use a high frame rate alternative products , this will depend on the real needs of customers. Increasing market demand, will further promote the development of high frame rates at high fields.
        For the average 30 still remain in the market , this is a great stimulus . With the increase of network bandwidth upgrade and market demand, high frame rate HD video camera is about to enter the stage of vigorous development .
        Some companies still questioned bandwidth limitations
        Despite the high frame rate camera is technically no obvious obstacles , but whether the market is necessary for large scale high-definition video camera , still skeptical.
        Video surveillance camera frame rate increase , means that the same increase in the number of cameras second screen , on the one hand this requires a higher storage capacity , on the other hand is made ​​of the transmission bandwidth requirements . Upgrade chip coding technology can solve storage problems , but in terms of bandwidth , it is the reality of the problems . Bandwidth limitations, not only in the surveillance field , in many areas are temporarily unable to get solved.
        Bandwidth problem I think is a high frame rate camera facing problems. Generally , the frame rate is 25 to 30 compare the bandwidth environment holds many lessons . For example, we use the phone to watch the surveillance video , the frame rate is generally only 7-8 , the card will exceed this amount , which is the subject of our 3G network. Bandwidth issues as well.
        Fluorescent frequency. We all know that the standard provisions of the frequency of the AC power supply is 50 Hz , the surveillance camera under fluorescent light environments , such as fluorescent light frequency must match its frame rate is set at about 25 , exactly half of the 50 hertz , shooting out of the picture it does not appear the phenomenon of flash frequency . Surveillance cameras are installed in more than fluorescent indoor environment that can not support the high -frequency surveillance camera , otherwise the picture will be shot out of the twinkling . Outdoor ´d be no problem , but the interior areas of surveillance is to monitor a large range , it also means widespread use of high frequency surveillance camera is still problematic .
        As I understand it , this one may need medical high frame rate of the camera , with the medical to complete some of the more delicate picture collection . For surveillance camera general environment , the 25-30 has been able to clear the screen intact demonstration , the need to improve high frame rate is not particularly high. Holds many lessons out of the picture frame rate performance fluency has been accepted for the naked eye comfort range , to meet the needs of users.

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