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  • Bank Monitoring No Flaws Standard is Imperative

        If we only focus on legal news , I believe many people will fidget . Bank robberies occur every day at home and abroad , people put money in the bank really safe? Today´s banking and financial systems are installed high-definition intelligent monitoring device, but you know , in fact, they also have nap time .
        Every time it comes to video surveillance systems, up to 7 * 24 hours than the real-time monitoring , video surveillance camera is actually running time is only 97 percent , triggering the alarm system frequency was 89.5 %, meaning that even if the monitoring system installed also possible to miss a small case of capture crime . Even covered with surveillance cameras and alarm systems , there will still be 1.5 percent of the discipline is not monitored alarm system is triggered .
        Even more worrying is that there are still some banks were not able to deploy video surveillance systems , but more than these , sadly, some banking institutions do not focus on surveillance camera care and maintenance , according to the survey found that large banks network surveillance camera 20 % of the device is not operating mode. Monitoring probes or accidentally cut , move , there may be time to clean touch cable, normal wear and degradation, vandalism cobwebs and dirt may have resulted in "strike " reasons. If the case demands without play , is difficult to find the above problem .
        In order to provide citizens with more convenient banking transactions , multi-city set up in the main street , district of ATM self-teller machines to facilitate the people´s daily transactions of small denominations , but also increased the hacking ATM possible. To enhance security in some places using the traditional patrol methods , managed by the bank designated security personnel . ATM different regions use different monitoring devices , with different functions, maximize the protection of depositor safety.
        Strong light on the impact of bank -ceiling windows monitoring
        In order to give customers a more relaxed business environment, many banks use to windows, enhanced interior light transmittance. But this strong light for surveillance camera , it is an invisible epidemic . First of strong backlight on surveillance camera itself , it is a way to improve function , requiring surveillance camera must have a strong wide dynamic function ; secondly , light and dark contrast to larger premises , surveillance camera is most likely to ignore the place .
        The effects of light on the monitor , regardless of analog cameras and IP camera, these devices are very annoying shadows. Even the use of megapixels HD surveillance camera, the reflected light becomes affect the quality of the culprit. Image for financial monitoring is very important evidence , the same for this reason , more and more countries require banks entrance to ATM must be used to support a wide dynamic functions surveillance camera.
        Now in the next will be equipped with two ATM surveillance camera, which uses a camera dome structure, on the one hand deter criminals , another convenient teller who used to capture facial information , do 1:1 without distortion reduction . This surveillance camera angles to capture the precise information on the user´s face , enter a number and the password is blocked up the place , do not worry about password exposure.
        Also a hidden camera to camera , is used to provide a wide-angle view. During normal working hours, in the event of robbery thing, pedestrians or cyclists who are likely to become suspects , wide-angle monitor effectively determine a motive , which minimizes damage to human teller .
        Most financial institutions monitoring system using passive monitoring, many criminals will install a card reader in the digital code area , which is another concern for most savers . Today, the ATM control panel fitted with an alarm system is triggered , can trigger anything unconventional operations in the password area , this new detection tools can be integrated with video surveillance and alarm, issuing magnetic pulses to prevent unscrupulous molecular obtain cardholder information and password.
        Banking and financial security system upgrade has reached a critical stage, the bank video surveillance must achieve " flawed " , the bank surveillance camera must meet the wide dynamic monitoring, in order to prevent criminals from taking advantage , monitor alarm linkage should also be in place. ATM teller machines are self- monitoring of the mainstream in the future , not only to increase the two monitoring probes , in order to prevent malicious reads the card information , but also to pretend magnetic pulse sensing device.

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