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  • Home security and automation applications contrast

        Smart home system is no longer just the basic control of household appliances . As technology becomes more sophisticated and increasingly high consumer demand , to achieve human-computer interaction terminal equipment incorporates more features . Although the control system more functional , but whether it is consumer demand, but also need to consider different .
        Smart home market is growing, more and more companies try to develop home network control system. Security alarms and visual intercom is also listed within the scope of home automation , its attempt to create a more comprehensive product family interaction . In the past, the family of intelligent control systems , and more into the entertainment, but now need to integrate more home control systems. Give full play to move the remote control function.
        Between traditional home alarm systems and home automation systems and what difference does it make ? Traditional home security alarm system is composed of elements of home automation is biased towards the home entertainment projects. The former subsystem includes fire alarm , CCTV surveillance camera systems and access control systems ; latter subsystems include intrusion , perimeter alarm , video surveillance systems, consumer alarm and elevator control . Both use the same development platform , the use of different transport modes.
        Three competing home control system
        Trying to create the most three-dimensional home control system is not limited to any one subsystem security industry . Burglar alarms, home automation, intercom industry are trying to show their professionalism. Alarm company will now listen , automated systems adding video surveillance systems, intercom and alarm company to increase basic function . While each department in the areas of integration they are not good at , but by " heavily armed " after -market will cause quite a stir .
        Not just the alarm system
        Home automation applications combined with the invasion of momentum rising, home security systems on the platform to get a greater certainty . According to IMS survey shows that in 2012 the market value of residential intrusion alarm was $ 2.7 billion , forecast compound annual growth over the next five years, the field was 5.3% in 2017 to reach a new stage.
        As I said above , the main purpose of home security systems is the guardian of the safety of family members , excluding uninvited guests . The burglar alarm has become the most basic elements. Over time, the owner needs to change gradually , the alarm system is no longer a single presentation, but in conjunction with home management. Therefore, home automation system integrated into a home security system , an alarm in the form of the traditional family closely interconnected system .
        This consolidation trend is gradually reflected in the single-family residential and commercial areas of slow progress . As an industry oriented applications, it does not establish a uniform standard. It is difficult to promote a wide range of business areas.
        Alarm systems and home automation control integrated together , and its main function is still security. When the automation system to trigger an alarm , flashing lights , such as through the form , changing the traditional whistle alarm mode , make management more efficient. With a wider range of programming applications, this system also allows remote management and access .
        For some people, when the alarm system is always tangled choose wired or wireless connection , always unable to find a single answer. Wired alarm system reliability undisputed , but many people in the industry for wireless alarm transmission instability exaggerated. Which way the user chooses , as from cost considerations, and then focus on the type.

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