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  • Technical characteristics of the network video server applications

        Because of network video server network transport functions independently , without additional settings for the computer , so the way to achieve a simple IP networking , traditional analog surveillance can not be achieved . Each subnet network video server has a unique IP address , to facilitate easy connection to the device (IP address ) to control and manage the network , ie by IP address recognition , management, and control the video source is connected to the network video server , so its just a simple IP networking network connection , add a device only need to add an IP address , which greatly facilitates the upgrading of the network originally analog system and other network demand .
        IP networking is the characteristics of the network video server , but due to poor domestic IP address resources, the current domestic economic broadband (ADSL, cable broadband , etc. ) are using dynamic IP mode of access , which makes network video server access issues need to be resolved , network Video Server can basically ways to support the use of the domain name DDNS (Dynamic IP), if the network video server does not support domain name resolution , then the need for additional expensive network cost.
        As the work of network video server may not need an external computer , the network video server can automatically access it is necessary to separate , otherwise a network video server to configure a computer to dial-up is meaningless network video server. At present, network video servers basically are able to achieve this function , such as Network Vision products specifically designed for the domestic situation of ADSL broadband automatic dialing technology is very convenient.
        Network video server networking has many advantages , combined with the central control management software and server mode can achieve more network applications , due to the length of the relevant here , will not be discussed in detail , follow-up and we will provide specialized network applications article .
        Network Video Server with conventional devices do not have many features , specific performance is as follows :
        ( 1 ) The multi-channel , network transmission , recording and playback features such as a simple integrated network , this is the current H264 in terms of network-based DVR is also very easy to implement, but the basic function of the product of two different applications have led to its different , the current poor network performance simulation stage for the first generation of devices, network video server can provide a lower cost solution .
        ( 2 ) Network video server through the network technology , can achieve long as the Internet where you can view the screen , using the matching decoder does not require a computer can be transferred directly to the device , such as browsing the video wall , a great saving remote monitoring costs.
        Multi- protocol support ( 3 ) network video server , and computer equipment for the perfect combination of form larger systems integration network , complete the digitization process.
        Network video server using open hardware and software platforms and standard or universal interface protocol , a strong system scalability , the ability of future all-digital , network-based, systematic, multi-channel resource sharing system convergence. CCTV equipment is the best solution to the current transition from analog to digital .
        Deeper view, video networking, systems integration problem is not just video transmission , it represents the development trend of future applications and information exchange network video applications , from a deeper level of interactive content , has broad the development potential is one of the core content of future 3G, broadband services . So to be sure, with the continuous development of digital technology and network technology , network video server applications in the field of video will be more extended .
        Network Video Server Advantage
        Network Video Server is a kind of audio and video data coding and complete network transmission equipment , enabling remote monitoring function.
        1 , ease of installation and maintenance
        Some may say , "Now is not enough network bandwidth , using Optical and fiber for long-distance transmission , and video image quality is better than the network transmission speed transmission ." However, the cost of laying fiber optic expensive and complex wiring works , so many customers and contractors unbearable. Due to the popularity of computer networks, there is a network where you can build a network monitoring system, greatly reducing installation costs .
        2 , easy to use , want to see
        Network monitoring is also not subject to time and place , at any time demand monitoring, viewing the image can be selectively designated place , without the need to watch the image is not transmitted , saving network bandwidth resources.
        3, with more intelligence
        Timely , automatically extracted from the video stream a lot of information that can be transmitted , stored , retrieved , stored off-site , multi-machine backup storage ; IP camera can be programmed to transmit images only when a specific event occurs.
        4 , the image attenuation, quality assurance
        The use of advanced digital compression technology, digital signal attenuation in the transmission quality is guaranteed. The analog video signals over a long distance transmission , the signal will be attenuated , you need to configure the video amplifier compensation .
        5 , stable and reliable
        Network Video Server uses an embedded operating system, hardware using high-performance chip , stable.
        6 , can be a wireless transmission network
        Use of network video server IP video camera converts video signals into digital signals , in inaccessible wiring difficult situation , you can set up a wireless LAN to send digital video signals to the monitoring center , and then publish to the internet for the monitoring center remote management department to watch. Advantages of wireless LAN is convenient networking , short cycle, low investment, flexible structure.

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