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  • Problems need to be solved in civil security market

        Security companies generally believe the civilian market is the future trend of development , in the face of a huge market , do not rule out the possibility to enter the field , but many SMEs are in possession of a wait and see attitude , does not blindly follow the industry giants do pedigree , based on actual case an opportunity to find a suitable re-entering the market. In many domestic enterprises are still waiting to see when the civilian market , Apexis it pioneered a series of home IP camera and HD IP camera, widely used in homes, offices , kindergartens and other places.
        Civil security market is indeed great, but now the current need to address several issues . The first is the operational issues , if we only rely on the operator to operate and can not fill the consumer market, so manufacturers began to do operational work . From product manufacturers to operate train services , not only greatly facilitates the use of the customer , but also closer to the user needs.
        Second, ease of use issues , users are not professional staff, are not familiar with the characteristics of the product , so customers in the process of using the product so that customers do not set too much must be done Plug with , otherwise customers will not use , will cause the use of failures, influence the development of product and market reputation . In addition , the product also thoughtful after-sales service , if the product problems in the use of the process, manufacturers can quickly help customers solve problems , will also affect the user experience and product reputation .
        Third, the cost issue, ordinary users are more sensitive to price , so the customer base for the common household product prices sufficiently close to the people , and the quality of the product to be a certain degree of protection. Manufacturers in research and production of civilian products, taking into account the market acceptance of product prices , control costs.
        In fact , the biggest problem otherwise impede civil or bandwidth downlink asymmetry, seriously affect the user experience. With the deepening of the light -home , currently this problem gradually solved . Fiber to the home needs a time course , with the promotion and implementation of fiber to the home , and the prospects for civil security market is very uncertain .
        Now entered the civilian market business opportunities in this field are seen after long-term planning and careful market research and self-development , many companies discussed the topic into the civilian market , but many companies still think industry specializing in surgery , good current market segments, to find the right opportunity in the future does not rule out the possibility of entering the field .

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