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  • Wireless Video Surveillance Applications Environment and Area Analysis

        Video surveillance applications to be exact since 2004 in the Chinese market started from the early analog monitor , to the architecture of digital surveillance DVR until 2007 network video surveillance system began horizon , networked video surveillance is moving intelligent trend , showing an irreversible trend. In reality once video surveillance applications, due to the different stages of development , wired networks still dominate the emerging wireless network is reflected in the strong momentum of development .
        In video surveillance applications projects, favored a wireless network obtained naturally has its reasons , the first is a wireless network through a decade of development, technology is very mature , the price is very low, once a high-ranking nobleman products to the civilian population, in BITWAVE of wireless product line has been completely transition to 802.11N standard bandwidth point to point with a wireless bridge has been raised several times , can easily meet the high bandwidth requirements of mainstream high-definition video , but the price is still down gradually , already by the former " break and Yan "Flying into the" people " ; followed by video surveillance has gained wide application in various industries , and in the rapid development of the broader and more in-depth application ; then there is the growing number of large-scale monitoring systems in the network architecture basis, all network monitoring technology and the rapid development of the market to further promote the construction of infrastructure networks.
        About Wireless Video Surveillance System
        In wireless video surveillance system, the front of the camera is the most basic , the largest investment in a number of products, but also the most critical equipment , which is responsible for the surveillance camera area and converted into electrical signals for further transmission , its quality directly affects the overall application of video surveillance systems , but also related to the project cost. In fact, except for Wireless IP camera wireless network module, more is needed to consider the application environment. The environment here is twofold : First, the physical environment, such as used in the car, the site, because they can not pass a lot of scenes are cable before considering the use of wireless surveillance camera . This is according to the actual application environment of the structure to be adjusted or re- design of the entire camera . Another is the system environment , because the environment is used in a wireless network , you need to consider the volatility of the wireless network bandwidth. Only optimize coding algorithms and transmission protocols based on characteristics of the wireless network to allow wireless video surveillance camera system to adapt to the environment .
        Wireless video surveillance system with wide coverage, ease of deployment , low cost, portability and flexibility , and many other advantages, but in the narrow bandwidth of wireless technology , stability , security, the still inadequate; wireless video surveillance in the long run , will be long-term to compensate for the lack of role wired existence . Thus , at present it is very relevant to both the environment and the reality in the field of security of applications , including:
        Can not deploy a wired surveillance application scenarios : If the means of transport ( cars, trains , ships ) , law enforcement management ( traffic police, urban management ) , special escort ( armed police , banks, dangerous chemicals ) , etc., under mobile conditions , not laying and cable networks cover ;
        But the cost is too high to be deployed or wasting temporary wiring will cost scenarios : the former as resource monitoring ( forests, rivers , oil , substations , base stations, border posts , ports , scenic ) , etc., often due to the geographical environment and job content under limited geographic wide user sparse , the cable line monitoring cycle is very long outdoor erection , maintenance costs are very high , or even impossible to achieve , such as police investigation which temporary deployment , military field training , temporary construction sites, temporary activities , convention Center ;
        Require additional monitoring scenarios : such as family , community, shops, small and medium enterprises , buildings, bridges, tunnels, intersections , etc. , the second construction , it is best not to destroy the original decoration or face ;
        Emergency nature , were unable to close the application scenario : If the emergency command ( flood , fire , rescue ) , explosive hazardous areas , masses large gatherings, the important task of site security , infectious disease area, microbiological risk areas, the need for shorter time to build up a complete set of monitoring network .
        The main application of intelligent wireless video surveillance in what areas ?
        Community safety wireless video surveillance
        In China, residential security applications is still in a primary stage , there are many deficiencies. The first is the cell internal control issues surrounding public spaces and land . Installed in the perimeter and the main entrance camera, monitoring center within the district to implement Security 24 -hour shift on duty , but we should understand that no matter how dedicated security personnel to monitor , they can not simultaneously watch multiple video images , and can not be prolonged stare the monitoring of TV watching . The majority of computer monitors only 1-2 district , polling a dozen or even dozens of surveillance cameras , making it difficult to achieve an effective real-time monitoring. Moreover, the way criminals are now implementing a crime has diversified, traditional security systems have no way to meet the demand. Secondly , residential alarm system is not perfect . Some families have access to high-end residential and detector alarm host , network monitoring center to the district , but the system is rarely true in normal use .
        Prisons, detention centers and drug addiction treatment wireless video surveillance
        Application prisons, detention centers and addiction treatment center , the main used in indoor , indoor environment and environmental change relative to a single relatively stable through the analysis of a variety of intelligent wireless video analysis functions in the practical application of this environment , some important and detection accuracy high application extracted, for example : wireless video quality diagnostic , cordon up, area guarding , strenuous exercise, the value of the post , in order to achieve high detection accuracy ( 99% ) , low false alarm rate , reaching better assist management effectiveness .
        HD video surveillance bayonet
        Application of high-definition flat bayonet cities in through a single security surveillance camera specifications , consistent installation conditions require a special camera parameters fill light system design, can be controlled, fixed camera scene , an imaging section on the outdoor daytime , darkness , and various changes in the environment while maintaining a good consistency , enabling the system to capture high-resolution images of moving targets and identifying characteristics .
        Bank ATM machine
        Bank ATM machine generally range is relatively small, relatively homogeneous environment , and fill light conditions in general are better, it is very good conditions for the intelligent wireless video analysis . And the bank ATM machine involving sensitive money , the demand for security is relatively high, the specific application of intelligent wireless video analytics more successful , such as : face recognition, trailing , strenuous exercise, abnormal movements and so on.
        Industrial Video Surveillance Detection
        Industrial inspection has been widely applied in the field of intelligent wireless video analysis technology, the use of intelligent industrial cameras resolution can be reached 1/10mm, over artificial vision, a special camera can achieve higher accuracy. In the beverage industry , intelligent wireless video analysis can help determine the height of the installation drinks , caps installed correctly , vendors and other signs are clear , industrial inspection are generally indoors , the camera can be fixed installation conditions , adequate fill light , relative to a single detection feature enables intelligent wireless video analysis can be relatively more successful applications. Including access to more successful applications in various fields of automobile manufacturing, tire manufacturing, logistics , machinery manufacturing , printing quality testing, wireless video processing industry , iron and steel foundry industry and agriculture.
        Medical imaging analysis
        In medicine, wireless intelligent video analysis also gained more successful applications , the use of modern technology equipment, can capture clear images under a microscope , the use of physical methods of analysis is the most reliable method of medicine . A typical application is the urine analysis apparatus , chemical analysis can be performed while the test strip method , etc., but as a result of the chemical changes may lead to changes in the original cell , the use of physical methods after precipitation with stirring , using HD IP camera for shooting, you can get a clear picture of stability , re-use method of wireless intelligent video analysis of different types of cells statistics, which can maintain the most realistic outcome , or when the end is often difficult to detect the cause of using this method.
        Business users business demand for wireless video surveillance , etc. In addition to the above monitoring business needs, often also need to monitor the system and enterprise business systems combined. Security monitoring industry as the basis for the development of the Internet of Things will be with the further development of networking technology and benefits. Related to this digital, analog , HD-SDI HD technology overall improvement, will give users a wealth of options.

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