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        Large data is not a specific type of data . Each of unstructured data can be regarded as big data . This includes data on social networking sites , online financial transaction data, corporate records , meteorological monitoring data , satellite data and other monitoring , research and development data . A large amount of data is enormous and is unstructured .
        Monitoring Storage Development Status
        The diversity of market demand for a variety of storage solutions provide market space. Therefore, in the future for a long period of time , DVR, NVR, SDI-DVR and FCSAN, IPSAN other storage solutions will co-exist . Cloud computing and cloud storage are likely in the next few years, the video surveillance market a tremendous impact on the pattern and the video surveillance industry into a new, higher stage of development.
        HD image storage drive HD surveillance industry , frankly , to do high-definition storage market research is a difficult thing . Because, now is not the year of the storage market products of a single DVR era , corresponding to the front-end security surveillance camera ´s annual shipments , we can calculate the DVR statistics and annual shipments ; then follow the sales price when the DVR , you can statistics and calculate the total sales of the DVR market . With video technology in recent years the rapid development of intelligent security monitoring has entered the era of high definition and big data , we can say video surveillance technology and the market has undergone a qualitative change .
        With security products and technology continues to improve , businesses on the video monitor image quality requirements are high, along with the data storage requirements are also increasing, which is bound to promote the video surveillance storage market changes. Speaking from the application level , in fact, all of the monitoring image information , useful, and often only 1 % or even less than 1 %, 99% of the information is useless information . But precisely because of this 99% percent of the useless information groundwork before settling 1% of useful information.
        Therefore, whether it is useful or useless video information , should be stored, which is bound to bring huge storage pressure . Video surveillance images are often a lot of industry events and subsequent verification of cases important evidence in the social security monitoring , banking , judicial and other system applications, the storage time of the video surveillance images are often 1-3 months or even longer . Monitoring to improve image clarity , image storage will inevitably bring greater pressure . For HD IP camera capture high-definition images , you need network storage system ( including storage servers and storage devices ) .
        Monitor storage system selection principles
        We know that network video surveillance system storage often have two options, namely distributed storage and centralized storage . For chain stores users, due to its investment in video surveillance systems are often limited , and as network infrastructure and some other essential auxiliary systems will need to invest carefully, therefore , centralized storage of additional costs will be far greater than the cost of distributed storage , and because the network transmission reasons, centralized storage will lead to data loss or system interrupts. So, in terms of cost and actual demand of the game, choose what kind of monitor storage system is more appropriate?
        Mass data storage guidelines : Monitor real time data is written to , the storage time of 7 days, 15 days ...... even a year , the number increases linearly with time ; large-capacity storage , frequently read storage for different system pressure there will be great differences .
        Efficiency principles: video surveillance video stream is mainly written characterization performance memory can support the number of road stream ( typically 384K ~ 2Mbps). In the case of multiple concurrent writes , video surveillance on the storage pressure is great, need to do a special performance optimization to meet the requirements .
        Cost principles: Undoubtedly , the high cost and cost savings are many SMEs are very concerned about an important indicator . In addition to comparing IOPS, MB / s, configuration and beyond the purchase price , after all, video data is the lifeblood of video surveillance systems , from the perspective of the total cost of ownership into account, including labor costs , auxiliary systems costs, management costs , energy consumption , services, and even investment protection and safety risks and potential hidden costs .
        Applicability principles: SMEs video surveillance applications have their own characteristics , different management ideas and network environment on the basis of video storage have different tendencies , the choice of video storage mode, starting from the actual application environment , choose the appropriate system design , to avoid bottlenecks in the data path .
        Security Policy : Monitoring systems are 7 * 24 hours service , requiring video data stored and recalled at any time ; video is no doubt that the importance of data , so the monitoring system for the storage reliability, performance and capacity, etc. have put forward the new requirements, which also prompted a number of storage technology for the generation of security monitoring , especially for users with high security requirements , but also need to be concerned about , such as different levels of encryption , data backup and disaster recovery mechanisms.
        Scalability principles: growth-oriented SMEs are often faced with the rapidly changing and growing business environment , video surveillance system will synchronize volume growth , if the storage system capacity and performance scalability insufficient , or when you need to extend the upgrade the original system " reinvent the wheel " , will give enterprise development has brought adverse effects.
        Feature-rich principles: Buy now monitoring data storage system for SMEs , the need is not simply " storage space ", often with the development of enterprises will use some advanced features , such as streaming media , remote backup , data protection, and more business interface , extended storage.
        Ease of management principles: As SMEs fewer IT staff , technical strength is weak , if the surveillance video storage system is too complex and difficult to manage and maintain , it will undoubtedly greatly increase the burden on enterprises . Therefore, in the choice of video storage products, easy to use and ease of use has also become an important factor for SMEs are more concerned .
        Of course, follow the above principles in considering the same time, users must clear understanding of the reality that the chain of video surveillance , it must be an interactive web-based signaling system , must rely on the network , while the domestic network status is very people can not let go , whether it is green , ADSL, CDMA, 3G , etc., have very limited bandwidth , and the actual and theoretical values vary greatly, compared with developed countries , China ´s so-called broadband , most can only defined as narrowband , digital video transmission will be faced with the dilemma of narrow roads and vehicles .
        Combining these principles and the real network environment, some attention is high, there is sufficient budget chain enterprises , the use of centralized storage must be the ideal choice , both for data security , or for internal management purposes , are the true sense of the unified management. But considering that most of the video surveillance system chain degree of attention , as well as the actual investment funding constraints , distributed storage , remote management calls are stored will be the prevailing choice.

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