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  • Several current situation of security industry

        Close of the year , ahead of review changes in the security industry in 2013 , summed found that the current industry trend showing the following categories .
        Networking products accounted for a small market share
        From 2009 onwards , network products is unstoppable attitude gradually seize analog products photographed , and starting in 2012 , manufacturers of new products and product release , almost invisible traces of analog products , replaced by a network one-armed dyke . But in the market , network product shipments accounted for more than still less than the analog system products , resulting in little louder this potential situation , discard a variety of reasons , accelerate network product shipments accounted for the urgent need to change.
        Rational market trends
        2010 known as the "IP first year" , opened the era of network security , but also continue to introduce a variety of derivative or new products, new technologies , each hopes to promote networking show their highlights, thereby in the past few years, new industry frequent. However, from this year´s industry perspective , we have gradually become more rational , jointly maintain the " networking" this major trend remains unchanged , for broadcast technology and product promotion weakened, analog products are also in an orderly manner to the network over ; while blindly situation also reduced a lot, we are no longer pursuing invariably high pixel , high integration , new technologies, new applications , but in a targeted manner based on their market position and strength , to develop their own one day .
        SHOPPING grab market prices
        Following the war , after the price of DVR , IP camera prices also appeared shopping scene . In the network has just started, a simple standard definition IP camera can be sold for several thousand dollars ; And now , a 1.3 megapixel IP camera ´s price is lower than 200 yuan is no longer surprising. IP video camera price war, only security products to fight the most vicious one price , in addition to NVR, servers, software platforms have been added to the ranks .
        Situation is forcing manufacturers to seek change
        From sectors of the economy , this year the industry development trend, the user, is a blessing ; But enterprise and industry , however, it is disadvantageous homogenization continues, will only make the fight between various enterprises kill more intense over time, enterprise features and advantages are difficult to reflect , and even weaken China in the global security industry influence.
        Many manufacturers have been aware of the problem , on the one hand through the shopping maintaining our own market share, on the other hand are continuing to seek new breakthroughs. Networking trend, cloud computing and networking growing attention has been paid . This year, regardless of video surveillance or burglar alarm , video intercom, access control products manufacturers, has to consider cloud computing implantation , but this is only part of the application for change , how to make business in the future have a better break weapon, still efforts of various enterprises , we´ll see.

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