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  • HD-SDI Matrix future development aspect

        When SDI matrix gradually rise is accepted by our customers , the traditional analog matrix market is bound to be some impact. Traditional analog composite signal D1 lower quality due to the signal , typically using the oscilloscope look eye diagram, the signal amplitude determined by the signal quality , no specific test video parameters. The HD-SDI signal due to digital serial transmission , signal loss will produce error rate, and the error rate to a certain extent, the signal will be completely lost, using only an oscilloscope to see eye to determine the signal amplitude way is not enough. SDI matrix systems with conventional analog matrix What´s the difference ? SDI Matrix How will future trends ?
        SDI matrix systems with conventional analog matrix differences
        Speaking SDI matrix which is a digital video matrix switcher for BNC connector is designed for SDI digital video signal display switching and intelligent research and production of high-performance matrix switching equipment for the brightest video input signal is switched to video any signal output channel trail , mainly used in broadcast television engineering , multimedia conference room , large screen display engineering, television education , command and control centers combined . General This product comes with power protection, with RS-232/422 or RS-485 data control interface , you can easily set with the main system control computer , remote control keypad or a variety of remote control devices used in conjunction with HMI .
        Coming back to the SDI with traditional analog signal matrix in the end what different aspects , we first learned that the source of the differences in the matrix circuit principle not different from traditional matrix is a cross- power processing architecture (Cross-pointCircuit ) shown in Figure 1, and compared with the current SDI 1:1 or 1:4 or 1:8 distribution amplifier SDI video input card mode , coupled with 4 or 8 channels SDI signal synchronized manner for input and output signal synchronization distribution , then the end of AD or DA ( analog / digital ) conversion to NTSC or PAL TV video signal to output to the monitor unit (Monitor) on .
        From the appearance point of view of traditional structures and equipment held SDI matrix array with almost no much difference, but that the system architecture perspective, we can find traditional matrix to 16x4, 32x8, 32x16 and 64x16, 96x16 or 128x32, 256x96 to 4096x256 and other more irregular matrix changes . The SDI Matrix is currently limited by the signalman assembly and distribution amplifier rule constraints, the current size of the matrix are about 1x4, 4x4, 8x8 and 16x16, 32x32 and then stacked cards become 64x32, 64x64 and 96x32, 96x64 max 128x32 , etc. and then regulatory structure , the existing technical conditions probably 128x128 maximum capacity that can actually be applied , to break this limit may have to wait until the material components and stages of technological breakthroughs can be achieved again , but I think it will soon be party to overcome.
        SDI Monitoring Matrix encounter bottlenecks in the development
        SDI router in the practical application are used for large systems , the general SDI security video camera transmission distance of about 100 meters , and large SDI camera surveillance system far beyond the transmission distance of 100 meters, so the compensation matrix input becomes particularly important , with the network for remote management and multi -stage cascade control is a very important part of the hybrid access mode is SDI matrix important technical issues. At present, for different occasions camcorder has many models , such as the traditional analog cameras , IP camera, HD-SDI cameras , video camera and each category contains a variety of formats, so many types of cameras are also compatible with SDI matrix technical difficulties, especially the old system upgrades and " Green City" have similar problems . Software management platform architecture and data storage management is also the difficulty of SDI matrix technology , for the " Green City" a system , SDI Matrix software management platforms and storage management, and optical access , etc. become necessary technology .
        With the " Green City" such a large construction project needs arise , the matrix network cascade system consists of multiple nodes Center matrices and matrices , each matrix are independent of the IP address , through the Ethernet port for data exchange. Local video output node matrix uploaded to the central matrix , and the matrix can be the center for all nodes matrices security surveillance camera for video switching and control. By increasing the central node matrix video downlink channel matrix , the matrix can be interconnected nodes mutual control , cross-regional scheduling . After the definition of the matrix , whether networked or stand-alone operation , retaining the original convenient switching control, image inspection positioning and other functions , such as alarm linkage , group switching. Therefore SDI matrix technology development must be toward the metro , networking , integration, optical digitization and broad compatibility with development. For all the old systems can access Unicom . And can be based on SDI Matrix software management platform to store, control , communications, image , unified management and early warning , to achieve the full range of digital urban management functions .
        But many manufacturers in the development time , and re- development of analog matrix back to the idea of ​​time , did not inherit the existing analog matrix , many powerful features and advantages of various hardware and software , a waste of human resources.
        HD-SDI Matrix future development aspect
        Future expansion of the size of the matrix can be roughly divided into two categories : vertical and horizontal expansion of conduct .
        Longitudinal expansion: the expansion of the matrix of the large ones , the current from 8x8, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 to 256x128 size products have been put into the interview .
        As a broad scale security monitoring industry , a huge number of video capture , HD-SDI matrix requires no more than the size of a small traditional analog matrix , whether transmission, processing, display , need to exchange signals through the matrix , although the domestic HD-SDI matrix size has exceeded 256x128, but the future will be the size of the matrix may require 512 or even more . Of course , a small HD-SDI matrix (64x16 less ) may not be rare, because of foreign chip makers generally provide typical circuit , there are bound to be some basis for manufacturers to rapidly produce a number of small-scale HD-SDI Matrix seize the market , but the majority of contractors and the user should pay attention here will be a mixed bag , because the size of the matrix , the transmission distance and signal indicators will be difficult to resolve fatal problem .
        Transverse conduct : that multiple signal formats and multifunctional expansion. As mentioned before , the future market is likely to be high-definition monitor analog, digital , IP compliant structure , the matrix will have the required HD-SDI matrix multi-format , including an input optical signal and IP signal input, etc. , HD -SDI signal switching matrix will be a processing platform.
        Similarly , HD-SDI Matrix as a signal platform, control, alarm , characters , display and other aspects are also raised new issues , control, alarm system requirements at all levels of the platform compatible content and functionality , HD character is completely subvert the traditional analog matrix before OSD concept , the output signal may be switched , conversion, splicing control , image fusion capabilities integrated together.

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