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  • Monitoring network security information technology development and application

        Currently , in the field of security , we respect the concept and awareness of network security is not clear , in very many safe city projects , generally in the form of special network or local area network architecture for external network access relatively less, so assume network security risk is relatively small. However, the field of security , demand for network monitoring more expansion , network monitoring enables network security gradually put on the agenda , as people have to face reality .
        First, the urgency of network security monitoring
        Security network monitoring network security by the current marketing challenges , remote monitoring and network security system itself constantly being questioned by police departments to build the peace of the city system , public security system and remote access , car or mobile phone monitoring so directly with the Inte rnet or indirectly interconnected . Some criminals exploit loopholes in the background , a specific port can be accessed directly or indirectly to the public security network , the network is a potential security risk.
        With the popularity of network monitoring , based on streaming media in the form of video surveillance applications continue to enrich , monitor network security more and more attention , streaming data storage and transmission of the breadth and will easily make it vulnerable to sabotage and attacks criminals often tampered information , copy video, illegal access to the video , and even exploited and backstage attack monitoring network in order to achieve their criminal purposes. Shortly before a bank in the handling of cases , criminals distribution box first cut off the network monitoring system , and then acts to commit robbery to us sounded the alarm. Faced with a complex network security threats , we need to develop safe and effective for people on the one hand , adaptable and compliant monitoring network security framework agreements , on the other hand so that we realize monitoring network security IT urgency .
        Second, the development of network security monitoring
        Monitoring network security , covering computer systems, network transmission, back-end software , application services , management, security , and many other factors combine to form a security system to monitor the development of network security is to deepen these aspects , and constantly improve safety initiative process. We want to strengthen the monitoring network security protection , but also from several aspects to be considered.
        A Computer System
        Computer system also refers to the physical safety monitoring network , is the premise of the whole network system security . For example, in monitoring the campus network construction , due to weak project monitoring system is therefore in the design and construction, priority should be given to avoid network devices subjected to lightning, high and low temperature , rain, snow and other natural factors, the lightning protection system should not only consider the construction lightning objects , you must also consider the computers and other equipment, lightning weak pressure . Overall, the risk of physical security are earthquakes, floods, fires and other environmental accidents . Other hardware protection measures , such as UPS backup power to prevent a power failure on the impact of computer systems ; human error or error recovery equipment to restore the factory default ; electromagnetic disturbance to the surrounding monitoring system and monitoring system peripherals interference ; dual multiple redundant design, and a sound alarm system . In short, to try to avoid the risk of physical security monitoring network .
        2 network transmission
        Monitoring network system , the remote monitoring system needs to communicate with the I NTERNET forwarding servers, remote WEB server, alarm EMAIL server and so need to communicate with the outside world , vulnerable to cyber attacks or network virus spread , then the machine will also affect the internal network connection security , which makes the whole monitoring system is threatened . Therefore, we need at design time in the outside world to do on the server to communicate protective measures , such as firewalls, to kill soft , genuine operating systems shielding vulnerabilities , while it is necessary to open the server (WEB, DNS, EMA JL , etc. ) and other internal business network the necessary isolation, to avoid information leaks network structure ; Also external network service requests are filtered , allowing only normal communication packet arrives at the appropriate host , the other hosts before reaching the requested services should be rejected, so that it can effectively avoid the surveillance network system security threats.
        3 back-end software
        Back-end software system is the core of the monitoring system , the server operating system to achieve the highest possible security , while strengthening the login process certification. In addition, the monitoring platform software , we recommend using the LINUX core platform architecture, the operating system and the underlying service platform to improve the stability , such as the use of server functions and multi-level discrete design reuse redundancy technology to achieve ultra- large-scale platform stability under high load operation. Based on proven technology, distributed network iSCSI storage , to ensure a reliable mass data preservation, infinite capacity network storage , support the front , center and local multi -level storage solutions , to ensure data integrity. Intelligent load balancing technology combines high availability online hot backup technology to ensure that the server can adapt to long-term operational requirements do not ask off , with one hundred million level speed massive database retrieval capabilities , support for multi-client data in large concurrent queries.
        Third, the monitoring network security technology
        Monitoring network security research in the field covering a variety of technical areas, is currently conducting monitoring network security research , mainly reflected in the following aspects:
        1 video stream encryption in network surveillance camera to stream video back-end system , the first encoding compression, in this same encryption algorithm can be embedded in the backend using specific decryption algorithm in order to properly access the video stream, and the other non- normal even during transmission means to steal , it can not properly decode the video stream information .
        Transmitted through the network data encryption to protect network security and reliability , and its cornerstone is a data encryption technology. Communicating parties using secure communication system to conceal and protect the message needs to be transmitted , so that unauthorized persons can not extract the information to be protected , the encryption algorithm currently streaming some more, whether it is conventional password encryption , block cipher encryption, passwords are encrypted sequence etc. must be considered. But the real field of security monitoring is not completely used , currently only the few manufacturers in the use of platforms , requiring hardware monitoring equipment manufacturers in accordance with certain specifications, packaging video stream information , registration to the platform , the platform and then decode , coupled with hardware devices decoding library information displays the final image . But note that streaming media itself needs to meet certain real-time image , so the encryption and decryption process to assess the impact of real-time , which should account for the speed and length of the packet to decrypt the correspondence between .
        Use encryption technology to protect the security of streaming media resources , the need to resource the character and content of different factors important consideration confidentiality , stream ciphers can be well adapted to streaming media encryption , but the choices are also constantly weigh according to the actual situation , the only way to the implementation of streaming media to meet the encryption protection.
        2 Firewall
        Firewalls, network security solutions for strong measures. Firewall is the essence of the use of computer hardware, software and security policy mix to form a gateway to the protected internal network and external network is established between a security barrier to protect the internal network from external abuse the system . Firewalls can decide which services to allow internal access to the outside world , the outside world which users can pass through the firewall , also decided internally which can be accessed by an external service , you can filter , restrict ports or information services . So the firewall security barrier that has certain safety standards, banning all services not explicitly permitted , allowing all services not explicitly prohibited .
    Before you can communicate with the outside world or server routing joints on measures to increase the firewall , packet filtering firewall arrangement , monitoring processes and ports , proxy information services, etc. from unauthorized user access to the internal network , to prevent all kinds of routing attacks , allowing legitimate users unrestricted access to network resources , and tracking and intrusion alarms, improve internal network security protection force .
        In the monitoring system , VPN network monitoring network for the group of companies , supermarkets, network monitoring , chain monitoring , monitoring stations can apply a variety of needs . Using a VPN can be implemented in the public information network to create a virtual local area network, monitoring data through a secure " encrypted channel " in the public network transmission , branches or chain Users leased line access local data local public network , you can achieve their WAN distribution agencies to safely transmit information to each other . Alternatively, you can use dial-up access device, the user can use the dial-up access via the public network VPN monitoring network, thus a smaller cost to build a dedicated surveillance network , eliminating the need for large-scale high cost of wiring and other costs .
    In a virtual LAN between any two nodes without traditional end of the physical link , but the use of the public network platform logical connection . This proprietary technology is often called a tunnel connecting technology, data in the public network of a dedicated analog -point connection tunnel transmitted through the network and create a logical network layer encryption to prevent data from being modified and misappropriation , reaching similar to the private network secure transmission of data , thus ensuring the security of user data and integrity.
        Fourth, network security long way to go
        Network attack tools are constantly changing and renovation , so the network security technology to prevent attacks and will continue to follow the development of associated network security policies and control mechanisms will also be increasingly improved . It must be emphasized that, to ensure network security , just use a variety of security technologies to achieve prevention is not enough , but also requires the management , the operator must have a high level of security awareness. The most feasible approach is to develop a sound management system to protect the safe operation of the network , making it an excellent security , scalability and manageability of information network.

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