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  • HD and intelligent combination New program of prison security

        With the recent series of similar "hide and seek " security incident exposure , the entire community of the prison administration transparent , efficient proposed new requirements. In this context , the prison management tools from the original anti-matter must be a way to increase air defense anti-technology, anti- air defense combined with the direction of change . And follow the progress of information technology , from the original analog equipment, independent devices such as DVR, independent alarm host and other equipment, to digital, networked, intelligent direction, and to multi-system linkage, multi- linkage hierarchical mode change . Scientific and technological means to reduce the work intensity of management , improve the supervision of staff dormitories and transformation effects . This is also the prison to achieve " the technology to the police ," an effective way to make prison management level onto a new level.
        1, Prison security front-end equipment
        Prison security after years of development, the current front-end equipment most prisons face the following problems. 1, the device is aging
        Surveillance camera partial failure , the video image is unstable ; alarm equipment often produces false positives and other issues, and part of the equipment failure ; system has no linkage, can not reach emergency command results.
        2, Video surveillance camera lack of clarity
        Security surveillance camera is an analog device , via coding , the maximum resolution is only CIF, lack of clarity , can not meet the needs of the regulatory monitoring sites .
        3 , line chaos
        Because many subsystems , system construction not a built in cable complexity of many kinds of analog systems , causing confusion room line , troubleshooting difficult. To the daily management and maintenance caused great inconvenience.
        Based on the above , combined with the latest intelligent network monitoring technology, we propose the design phase of the project put forward a new generation of intelligent network security systems building programs . In the use of existing security systems , based on the full field of security in the prison network, intelligent , high-definition , integration advantages. Construction of the new system can do the following:
        Achieve centralized management of security equipment , building integrated security management platform to complete each detention center unified access management security system and alarm linkage ;
        Achieve high-definition monitor , video management platform supports HD IP camera access , enhance the overall image clarity monitoring ;
        Achieve image intelligence analysis, intelligence analysis platform as an integrated management platform for intelligent security sub-platform , using today´s advanced intelligent video analysis technology , the system automatically on the monitor screen for behavioral analysis to make timely and accurate analysis of judgment and alarm information to achieve abnormal events play a proactive forecasting, early warning , through intelligent image analysis technology to detect various types of anomalies in custody , reducing human surveillance arising from omissions , false positives , effectively improve the video surveillance system security.
        Room equipment
        Currently existing analog monitoring prison systems generally use conventional DVR modulus matrix plus bound programs, while the construction of security in different periods also relates to different brands and models , each monitoring system protocols are different, it is difficult to achieve with each other networking and linkage. In response to this situation, we multifunction digital matrix through centralized storage devices and network construction in different periods analog or standard definition , high definition signal decoding unified and centralized storage on the wall , so that both the use of already completed construction of the security system, while the current digital, networked , high definition of security technology into security prison construction, and greatly simplifies maintenance and use of the late line costs. Access management through the equipment room , you can achieve the following functions:
        Realization of digital TV wall, through a unified security management platform and integrated digital decoder to complete the image on the wall , Network HD video decoder supports MPEG1, MPEG2, M-JPEG, MPEG4, H.264 video formats for different brands of different manufacturers of DVR , IPC and other equipment of SD and HD video signals and decodes the unified management of the wall, they can be directly output to the big screen , monitors, TVs , video walls , digital display devices , while an exception occurs when a large -screen image can be automatically switched , in time , striking guards on duty to remind the focus event ;
        Implement centralized network storage via IP-SAN centralized storage device to complete the massive image storage and disaster recovery , while the centralized monitoring interface provides voice alarm function to provide sound and light alarm messages more than efficient, intelligent alarm mode . Can more quickly find the store fails, troubleshoot storage failure , greatly reducing maintenance costs of large-scale monitoring center and fault response speed and reduce the storage system error time, to ensure the integrity of recorded data ;
        Extended upgrade flexibility. Traditional analog surveillance system using DVR through the embedded data storage hard disk , hard disk damage rate, no RAID protection , data loss can not be recovered , the storage capacity is small, not high definition , can not be unified management , it is difficult to be expanded or upgraded , monitoring system can respond flexibly to changes made . For example, now the DVR device can only display 16 entry in DVR16 road are full of cases, if you want to add more than one camera , you must add a new DVR, and now you need just one network interface may be able to easy input image storage .
        Prison Security Management Platform
        Unified management
        Earlier we talked about in the prison security hardware device the above improvements , the next level is how to talk about various software security subsystem on a platform unified management , to form a video surveillance system as the theme, while incorporating perimeter systems, high pressure grid , emergency alarm system , AB doors, intelligent analysis , patrol system , IP intercom system , dormitory personnel intelligent positioning subsystem for centralized , unified management, form a solid, efficient command and management platform .
        First of all prison prison administration as our superiors , the control center can be achieved through the establishment of jurisdiction over all prisons monitor remote viewing and decoding images on the wall , at the same time , with the prison intelligent security management platform for integrated multi-level networking capabilities, prison management Bureau management platform can also be administered with all prison management platform for networking , to form a more large-scale distributed network monitoring system, each prison management platform can provide independent business and management functions , while receiving prison Authority, the unified management of upper management platform , to achieve a more effective , more convenient unified management and centralized scheduling .
        Plan Management
        We all know that alarm linkage plan in prison security is very important , many events can be tracked by the incident in advance to the prevention and control before the incident , precisely because of the scientific plan management , which is the value of the entire security system embodied . Case provides up to two dozen alarm linkage strategy , and can be a variety of alarm linkage strategy consisting alarm linkage plan as needed , and can be customized according to customer needs custom alarm linkage strategy development . Alarm linkage plan is reflected in the following aspects:
        System can realize the integration of each subsystem management, including system access and configuration, status inquiries , alarm arm, disarm , all operations in a unified security interface to complete ;
        Upon completion of the integrated management , based on the system, an important goal is to achieve " linkage alarm ," including monitoring system linkage, the linkage plan , the electronic map of the linkage , sound and light alarm devices linkage . System provides easy graphical configuration interface and easy configuration of alarm rules , can alarm occurs , in accordance with the rules set in advance to achieve the appropriate linkage linkage alarm operation ;
        Monitoring duty officer on duty do not need eyes firmly fixed on the TV wall, warning and alarm in the event of police intelligence , security platform timely and accurate analysis of alarm to alert monitoring personnel on duty , and the unexpected situations pop up automatically to the monitor screen computer monitor screen in the duty officer , GIS electronic map accurately locate happens , the access control system automatically locks the Regional detention Center there is a sudden the door , security platform automatically alert by calling within the prison system inmates and notify other staff positions . Monitoring center through the deployment of the security platform unified command system operation , deployment of the unified command of the actions of the staff positions . Higher authorities but also through mobile phones, Internet access to real-time incident information, timely deployment of police dispatch .
        Once detainees riot , conflict, escape , suicide and other major unexpected event occurs, the system will sound an alarm , to achieve security linkage function , improve prison early warning capability.
        Powerful, easy to use
        Security platforms are now large-scale , networked, multi- system integration an integrated management platform, powerful at the same time , prison information software usability is very important. Interface is user-friendly, simple operation , intelligence is a matter of concern . At this point , considering the prison police should involve different ages and different levels of knowledge structure, while police on duty in order to effectively reduce the intensity of the work , the project parties to do some of the following features Deployment:
        Intuitive user interface , using the friendly tips to make the function icon graphics , more intuitive, and in accordance with the user´s habits will interface function module is moved to a suitable location , even if the user can quickly never touched to use, comfortable to use ;
        The system supports comprehensive interactive user interface, based on the actual prison environment configuration electronic map, while the corresponding location on the map deploy the appropriate device icon , through a graphical display interface and a simple mouse operation to complete everyday devices View and management issues ;
        Alarming daily , report generation , the log records and query templates are available graphical menu , various types of operations completed by the hierarchical classification levels of users , the overall simple and orderly ;
        With a variety of convenient search mode, support accurate search, fuzzy search , you can also enter the name of monitoring points Pinyin initials for quick lookup.
        Safety and reliability
        As the particularity of the prison itself , its security system security and reliability requirements is much higher than other industries , and in the safety and reliability aspects of their own through the following aspects of the full range of safe and reliable operation assurance platform .
        Improve the user management mechanism, legitimate users can login, specify the user only has the appropriate permissions to system operation and equipment , not ultra vires action ;
        Complete log management system , system login , exit, configuration , alarms, etc. All operations are recorded in the database , the average user can not change the specific responsibilities to facilitate subsequent inquiries and generate reports ;
        The system supports 7 × 24 -hour operation , automatic database backup , support heartbeat . While the system supports modular operation, unified platform and subsystems can run , can operate independently.
        Future Compatible Extensions
        Security Monitoring With the " digital, intelligent , network-based " development trend in various industries across the region on the increasing demand for monitoring and management , network monitoring security system has become the core business requirements for the realization of cross-regional , large-scale unification management, our integrated management platform security prison following design principles :
        System is modular in design , with a unified device access module , through a simple secondary development can be integrated subsystems equipment to facilitate various prisons use different subsystems , unified integration of different hardware devices , so that once construction long-term benefit ;
        The system supports three or more multi-level model, can be ministries and agencies , the Council , the prison deploy unified control software platform , depending on the permissions settings, you can manage the corresponding levels of subordinate units platforms ;
        System has developed data interface, prisons and other related information systems and related management system to achieve data sharing.
        Prison security in today ´s trend of rapid technological development and national importance under the Ministry of Justice , both from a technical and policy level into the fast lane.

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