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  • Monitoring market will maintain steady growth trend

        According to a survey conducted by the relevant agencies , global surveillance camera market in the next five years will maintain steady growth , in 2013 the global surveillance camera shipments expected to be approximately 85.6 million units by 2017 this figure will rise to 114.5 million units. On the one hand , the analog surveillance market , especially in the last more than a year , with more low-cost CMOS camera sensor core programs have been widely recognized by the market , from the original image resolution of 500TVL general about upgrading to 700TVL , and the overall cost of the camera is also cheaper than a lot of the CCD sensor solutions . These make quiet a long time analog surveillance market triggered a new round of upgrading the image resolution of the boom , but also allow people to see the rapid development of the network programs while the analog surveillance market is still fraught with exuberant vitality .
        CMOS sensor has been able in the past two years has revitalized the CCTV surveillance camera market growth , mainly due to significantly improve the performance of the CMOS sensor , making the image resolution of up to 600-700TVL, you can jump to the next or even 750-800TVL, while , CMOS itself in the high temperature range of performance , high integration , the chip size, low power consumption and low cost have made a great progress, so as analog surveillance camera toward higher definition laid a solid foundation.
        On the other hand , IP camera market ´s rapid growth in recent years, is still the main theme , 720p, 1080p high-definition network camera has become the main force in the market at this stage , and the 10MP, 4K2K higher image resolution of the product is also brewing medium . Apexis Currently it developed a variety of megapixel IP camera and two million network cameras. Experience in access to high-definition monitor , the user IP surveillance system also put forward higher requirements, high-definition network surveillance camera can hope to bring greater business value , with more intelligent features.

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