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  • Wide dynamic video surveillance technology development Implanted in HD IP camera

        WDR is to deal with a strong backlight monitor collectively , most surveillance camera wide dynamic features and HSBLC are different. According to industry insiders said , using a wide dynamic camera , will be able to achieve good results , that can simultaneously take into account the bright and dark areas , can see. In the IP HD era , wide dynamic monitoring is inevitable.
        Wide Dynamic Camera Market Situation
        With the rapidly expanding use of the environment and users are increasingly diversified , camera techniques and classification has undergone tremendous changes . The manufacturers are always working to improve the camera´s new technology so that it can meet the application requirements greatest degree . Wide dynamic camera which is very important to a branch , to a certain extent, also reflects a camera manufacturer´s technical development strength and direction of development. We know that the camera is the core of CCD, the CCD is currently no domestic production capacity , mainly in Japan and South Korea. In the production process of the CCD carve different levels and different ways to obtain the manufacturer , resulting in the collection of CCD effect is different . A simple method for detecting the camera is powered on , do not take the lens , shade the lens with your hand interfaces, see the image there are no bright spots , snowflakes big, and then connected to the lens , the camera at a bright object , see Monitoring the colors have faded color images without distortions , color and grayscale is smooth . 1997 Panasonic develop new ultra dynamic techniques and apply them on the camcorder market. Subsequently, all the major camera manufacturers worldwide accordingly launched a wide dynamic technology with its own cameras . All of a sudden , wide dynamic technology rapid development in recent years , the camera´s dynamic range is also expanding , also appeared to double speed CCD DSP, ordinary CCD two-speed shutter and other technologies. Now wide dynamic camera generally used dedicated DSP circuitry. It begins on the bright areas of the subject with the most appropriate shutter speed for the exposure , and then on the dark areas of the subject with the most appropriate shutter speed for the exposure , and finally the two images with DSP digital signal processing to capture the the two images regroup in an image, making it possible to expand the dynamic range processing , making bright areas of the subject and the dark areas of the subject can be clearly seen.
        With DPS pure digital sensor technology the birth and spread of higher dynamic range and a more realistic color will gradually appear in the new generation of wide dynamic camera. Can be expected in the near future, the market will face a wide dynamic camera DSP and DPS two kinds of sensor technology competition , it will also continue to expand the dynamic range and broad prospects.
        Wide dynamic video surveillance technology through change
        With the development of security products, technologies and the use of increasingly diversified demand , camera technology and application segments has changed greatly . The camera manufacturers are always working to improve the application of technology, to the greatest extent possible to meet various application requirements. In which WDR technology or wide dynamic camera is very important to a branch , to a certain extent, also reflects a camera manufacturer´s R & D capabilities and technological development.
        Wide dynamic technology until now , what has gone through several generations , could not speak clearly . He said , wide dynamic technology pioneers in 2005, Panasonic introduced the first three generations , has now been launched fifth generation SD5 wide dynamic camera . The technical words and not the backlight compensation technology, there are two kinds of wide dynamic implementations : CCD DSP technology and CMOS DPS technology . Of course, also involve other technical details, such as multiple exposure , image cutting synthetic , single- pixel processing , ARM7 and other technologies . Leniency dynamic technology development process can be seen , the manufacturers in improving the wide dynamic at the same time , the main thing is to consider how to strengthen the camera while other properties , rather than with the improved wide dynamic , but it weakened the performance required for other cameras , such as color reduction , sharpness , sensitivity, and so on. Now , CCD DSP WDR technology is still the mainstream application of technology, often come into contact with a wide dynamic products are mostly CCD WDR .
        WDR function implant HD IP camera
        Currently on the market for sale of megapixel IP camera almost added WDR function , is this just a coincidence? How to look at this phenomenon? If high-definition CCD camera can only bright pastel environment definition , while the high-contrast environments " not clear " , it can only be regarded as a pseudo-HD .
        WDR technology is very strong contrast to the characteristics of the camera to see the image and the use of a technique , a good solution to the dynamic range of the image sensor relative to the human eye to narrow the problem . If only for the bright pastel HD camcorder HD environment , while the high-contrast environment, " not clear " , it can only be regarded as a pseudo-HD . WDR technology is very strong contrast to the characteristics of the camera to see the image and the use of a technique , a good solution to the dynamic range of the image sensor relative to the human eye to narrow the problem . When strong light ( sunlight , light or reflective , etc. ) under irradiation of high brightness and shadow , backlight and other areas of low relative brightness exist in the image , the camera output image will appear bright areas become white due to overexposure , the dark areas become black due to lack of exposure , seriously affecting the image quality. Cameras in the same scene for the most bright and dark areas of the region is the existence of the performance limitations , this limitation is often speak of the " dynamic range ." Wide dynamic camera having only a 3:1 ratio of conventional dynamic range of the camera than a few times , make you at dawn , dusk or cloudy days are seen clearly , has been used as indicators of the performance of high-definition video camera up .
        IP video camera to be widely used , it must be done variety, there is low light , infrared, high-speed ball , backlight compensation, wide dynamic range , etc. , complete series can be better applied to practical engineering . If the high-definition camera manufacturers fewer species, will greatly hinder the application of high-definition monitor , so wide dynamic HD IP camera ´s must is high. Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Product Director shall swarm HD solves the problem of image detail in the image senses greatly enhance the customer experience , but also to solve the customer had "seen, not see ," the actual problem . But for real , natural light environments , there will certainly be bright and dark at the same time exist , this time it will inevitably require wide dynamic function. Therefore Hikvision WDR function increased R & D investment , for example, launched a 1.2 million , 2 million high-definition wide dynamic camera , in order to solve the customer´s actual needs.
        Implanted in outdoor IP camera WDR function is an inevitable trend , simply put wide dynamic is particularly bright parts of the scene and the special dark parts of the same can be seen particularly clearly . Wide dynamic range of the image to distinguish the brightest luminance signal value to distinguish the darkest value of the ratio of the light signal . Because the real illumination control environment is often unsatisfactory or very complex , using the traditional CCD image obtained results are often unsatisfactory , because characteristics of the CCD is limited , technically difficult in a major breakthrough , and CMOS technology has reached 160dB, CMOS technology cameras , CCD wide dynamic range than the dynamic range is greatly improved . For DPS technology, the rays corresponding to each pixel can be optimized exposure time of each frame of data is read only 0.8 ms ( conventional CCD technology need to tens of milliseconds ) , so the system can be repeated for each individual pixel samples ; the imaging system controls the optimum sampling time for each pixel in each pixel to achieve the best pixel information is stored . In all pixels are collected , the system then processes it , eventually forming a high quality image . Even in the most demanding lighting conditions , but also to capture clear, vivid images , never because of shadows, glare, reflection and sunlight leaving the picture is dark or damaged . Therefore, we can say that the future belongs to the best surveillance camera wide dynamic camera , wide dynamic technology is CMOS.

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