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  • Kindergarten IP camera video surveillance solution

        In order for the child to accept the system as soon as possible , science education, most parents send their children to kindergarten. However, due to younger children , and other day to see a variety of reasons , parents are always very worried , especially when the children a little discomfort , it is anxious all day , thereby affecting the normal operation . How can we as parents worry about lifting ? Nursery managers as you must at all times on every corner of the garden so well aware of what happened , but the park has a variety of services require you to deal with, you often feel everywhere at once ? there any more effective solution? nursery remote video monitoring solutions give you a satisfactory answer.
        Item Description
        Nursery video surveillance system is designed for kindergartens in the specific circumstances of the actual needs of the development of monitoring and management systems, especially remote monitoring and management . The system uses the world´s leading image compression and processing technologies and advanced computer networks and communications technology, combined with Apexis IP camera powerful remote monitoring feature that allows parents to use through any authorized password monitor their child´s life learning, so both to ensure that all monitoring points can be real-time monitoring , but also solve the problem of access .
        1 , to be monitored at each point of access placed a network surveillance camera, simply plug in the power and network cables , we can provide you with video and image monitoring ;
        2, in order to prevent unauthorized users to obtain permission to the remote receiver , the system is set up corresponding password protection , only by using a valid user name and password before they can properly use the remote receiver to view the video ;
        3 , flexible and convenient installation , just power for each IP network camera set up dynamic domain name and a different IP address and port number.
        Be monitored as a nursery ground , without having to install video server , remote monitoring can provide parents with permission . While parents can without geographical restrictions, as long as the use of a PC or laptop via a modem or broadband access to the PSTN telephone network or the Internet the Internet , you can instantly watch kindergarten classrooms , activities , restaurants , lounges and other places the image , in order to master the details of their children , so children do not have to understand daily life because of the condition of unnecessary worry .
        For nursery managers , the use of this system can stay at home to understand the status of each location , even if you travel outside , still can be a PC or laptop to receive live images remotely , so greatly improving your level of management , and parents establish a good image for the further development of the kindergarten has laid a solid foundation.
        You can remotely broadcast live video over the time period data or remote video . Also, if you are given the appropriate administrative privileges , you can also set the video server accordingly adjust . Not only that, you can also dynamically detect the monitored area , if an exception occurs , if a person entering the area , etc., that will automatically sound an alarm or send an email to your designated e -mail , live video can also be automated .
        Each of the systems support multiple network access line monitors, so you have a number of different places well aware of what happened , and you have to do is sit in a display before . Save the record using the video , so that queries over a certain time period after the situation becomes possible.
        In addition , the use of the current international advanced video compression algorithm, effective solution to the image storage capacity and clarity of the contradiction between . You can use the limited capacity of the hard disk memory to store video data longer . At the same time in order to prevent unauthorized users to obtain permission to the remote receiver , the system is set up corresponding password protection , only by using a valid user name and password before they can properly use the remote receiver.
        Taking into account the affordability of kindergarten , we focus on improving its functionality at the same time , the development of a more reasonable price, to provide you with a more economical, practical and feasible solutions for remote monitoring .
        Program Features
        1 , low-cost equipment , cost-effective , high degree of integration , functionality , high reliability , small size , easy installation, effectively reducing the complexity of the system and installation , commissioning and maintenance manual , saving investment, reduce implementation and maintenance costs ;
        2 , construction period is short ;
        3 , the flexibility to easily install and deploy ;
        4 , strong extensibility ;
        5 , to provide high reliability user management mechanism, through permission settings, each user can be in operation within the competence of monitoring their own image , support continuous video surveillance ;
        6 , support for remote monitoring , remote can browse , save images , video , dynamic playback, image dump .
        7, using a dedicated video compression chip ( maximum transmit 30 frames / sec clear images , 720 * 576 screen, up to 25 frames / sec . )
        8 , multi-level user rights management, to ensure system security.
        IP video camera monitoring objectives typical
        Lounge : Children resting place, you can learn about your child´s seating position .
        Classroom : the child´s learning spaces , you can learn about your child´s learning.
        Restaurant: kids a place to eat , you can learn about your child´s food situation .
        Room: children playing , activities, places , you can understand their children everyday situations .
        Park entrance : Check whether the child´s parents had to send their children.

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