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  • Home security industry four major concerns

        With the strong support of national policy , safe city , safe communities and other projects to further promote the country , national security concept has been basically formed. This is the rapid expansion of domestic security market has laid a solid foundation , home surveillance camera market demand and many more IP camera based, so can realize remote monitoring. In addition to outside with a certain mass basis , 3G networks emerge , but also the development of the home market for the security provided some technical support. However, due to market reasons , home security industry tepid , industry development of the four points of concern.
        Tepid industry status quo
        Our smart home market from 2012 national demands, Guangdong , Shenzhen, southern China mainly accounted for 61% of total demand , followed by Shanghai in east China , led by 16% , led by Beijing North China accounted for 10% to Chongqing in central China , led by 9% in other regions account for about 2% . Visible , the current smart home market is mainly concentrated in the coastal and economically more developed first-tier cities. I believe that the smart home will inevitably require a certain economic base to support its development , but in recent years China ´s rapid economic development, people ´s pursuit of quality home a substantial increase , at the same time , security awareness was further strengthened , the market potential greatly.
        In addition , in recent years , and network appliance industry giants have the water tested smart home market, which shows that we are optimistic about the market outlook . However, from a practical point of view , China´s smart home market has been tepid , which does not meet a lot of companies to join the industry ´s expectations , then this "touch stones" of market exploration period is also exactly how long ? The author estimated five years since China´s civil security market will certainly lead to the outbreak of the smart home market hot, this is worth looking forward to , Apexis will continue its efforts to provide customers with better products and services.
        Home security industry, the development of four points of concern
        Concerns one : Who says home security is not HD ?
        For a long period of time, the need for high-definition home security debates have become the focus of many people . Just for that security surveillance camera into the family of the era, it seems the demand for high-definition direct climb a lot to look at some dazzling. After all, for a few people who just started beginning to recognize the concept of civilian control , the monitoring system cost as well as high-definition monitor higher cost price really a lot of users on Chen Mu men can answer . Just repairing a video surveillance camera have become a new thing , it ´s high -definition consumer is clearly difficult to accept . Moreover, what is even more not to mention more practiced .
        However, with the home HD has gradually opened up a field of its own , these traditional concepts are quietly undergoing a change .
        Today, a dedicated home security camera has matured , and in function , combined with the characteristics of the family environment is no longer will monitor many devices as their only job . Ever since, alarm , detection has become home security devices guest. Of course, the non-uniqueness of the monitoring application does not mean the absence of monitoring requirements , contrary to monitor this demand -based alarm monitoring in a stronger position on the basis of demand . Therefore, the definition of work ability naturally become the basis for accurate warning .
        In addition, with the growing home monitoring devices feature rich case detected from everyday communication , home monitoring have become an increasingly integral part of the carrier. Thus, the role of home monitoring is not limited to "see criminal behavior" needs, and is destined to become a high-definition inevitable .
        Two concerns : the mobile Internet becomes the new demands
        This year, the competition in the mobile phone industry can be said that our mobile communications technology to bring a new peak. Ever since, from the smart home to the burglar alarm , or is video surveillance , if not with the mobile terminal echoes , it seems that all seem to lag behind the trend .
        In fact, anti-theft devices for the home , the mobile technology have become a very interesting spectacle. From the beginning we mentioned sim card vehicle location, and then some home phone alarm warning device . Too many features have been bound to a cell phone, which also reflects today´s combined home security from simple anti- theft initiative with the Royal gradually toward a trend . In the evolution of this trend , the mobile phone has become a very important part .
        Of course , for the current alarm for mobile terminals , although popularity is not too low . But always in use have a variety of grind . All kinds of gimmicks charges, various destabilizing factors also a test of the user´s patience. In my opinion, the phone features of interlinked home security has become the mainstream trend . As for the behavior of these charges , although how much we produce today would be " awkward " feeling. But with home security functions to carry out in-depth and , I am afraid that such costs will come to an end sooner or later .
        Concerns III: hidden elements into home
        In addition to performance , the device also features the appearance of more and more applications are more valued by users . As families continue to come out special security equipment , we look for home security features are also made ​​more demands , family environment, the degree of integration has become valued by many users .
        In fact, the degree of integration comes home environment , I believe that mainly includes the following two points : the hidden nature of the device as well as the coordination of the surrounding environment .
        With the professional upgrading , security equipment is also increasingly large shape . And how to treat their possession of a " deeper " is also related to the actual performance of the device to work . This is also an increasingly large equipment for families with limited environment, how to find a better shelter shape an important issue , only to solve the problems hidden in order to allow the device to play a greater level of effect .
        In addition, the environment is a coordinated design. Today , we love nest after the renovation has been more inclined to all facilities in a coordinated family placement . For home security monitoring equipment such a need to " see clearly " have to " hide " device , it really is not a small knowledge. In my opinion , house surveillance camera equipment and control diverse morphology , structure and shape of the compact will become the next major attraction. Of course, with everyone as well as for the pursuit of personalized family pattern of diversification, future devices may also customized home applications will become the first heavy philosophy.
        Concerns four : Stability similarly valued
        In our previous evaluation process, sometimes there will be such a situation : When we repeated the evaluation device after the trial . Some devices because of the frequent use of some control failures and other instability. Although it can be used in many cases only case to describe, but it also reflects a certain extent, some household equipment in the process and the lack of quality.

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