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  • Security industry development opportunities and challenges coexist

        With the recent "Green City" , "Green Campus" and other security projects carried out in the country and in-depth , airports, subways , and other users for the video surveillance area coverage , monitoring points and network transmission I / O and other requirements on the rise , network monitoring, video surveillance market in China is becoming an important pull factors . Network monitoring video surveillance equipment manufacturers overall solution , being more and more understanding and recognition of the user . In the domestic large-scale video surveillance projects, is the emergence of video surveillance systems , in addition to the back-end display devices , the entire device IP development trend .
        From a global trend , the overall video surveillance market in IP camera (IP Camera) and network video storage (NVR) and other IP storage shipments start over traditional cameras and DVR, market growth to become the main thrust. Although the Chinese market maturity slight lack of respect to the global market , however , the overall demand in the Chinese market , the growth rate has more opportunities for development . In addition, as China ´s deployment based video surveillance market is relatively small , and therefore the speed of switching technology , will be an advantage .
        Chinese video surveillance market in the process of rapid development , of course, is also facing the challenge accordingly :
        Still a lack of a unified national standard a mandatory binding . In recent years, video surveillance system failure as a result of related accidents occur frequently. Chinese video surveillance systems relevant laws and regulations to be perfect . Although the government supported the introduction of the TC100 and other national standards , but the Chinese market, there are still national standards and regional standards coexist, coexistence of different manufacturers such phenomena Union standards , and the lack of effective project monitoring and detection mechanisms .
        The specific needs of industry users and project implementation exists between some difficulty. Video surveillance system will be further in-depth industry applications specific needs . However, the user expectations for video surveillance systems rising .
        Meanwhile, in the implementation of the project and cost control still exist some problems. To image acquisition , for example, if the user uses high-definition signals , related videos , networks, and storage devices directly to the cost of upgrading is intuitively calculated ; however , the special needs of industry users , such as the financial core monitoring point face recognition , height measurement , indicators of environmental monitoring point measurements , through an intuitive way to calculate costs and implementation is difficult.
        Development opportunities
        Taking these market trends and challenges , experts believe that the future of China´s video surveillance market will have the following opportunities :
        Telecom operators to provide standardized platform for driving the overall market . Unlike the security industry in the standardization gaps , telecom operators have many years of network operation and maintenance as well as the advantages of interface protocol standardization and unification with image processing, control and scheduling advantages. Carriers to build a platform that will attract more users to the edge of video surveillance , the extension needs to create a deeper level , value-added services as possible. Carriers to enter , in the " Green City" project to create a new addition to the market opportunities , look at the overall video surveillance market , as market participants such as the operator´s own hardware equipment providers, industry solutions and value-added service providers end users may create a win-win .
        Industry needs to increase video surveillance solution . From the industry perspective, in the past few years, government, telecommunications and finance the development of the field of video surveillance has been at the forefront of the market , while other sectors although there is a certain demand , speed of deployment is greatly lagging behind. This also means that the video surveillance market has broad prospects for development. The future there will be more two , three industry market to increase their investment in the field of video surveillance . Meanwhile, with the deepening of industrial applications , in some mature video surveillance construction industry , "the hard light, soft ," the tendency has been greatly improved. More industry users call for industry stronger directional video surveillance solutions to enhance enterprise security management practices.

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