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  • Network surveillance camera: Advantage and Performance Recognition

        With the continuous video surveillance network system development and popularization , IP camera monitoring system used more , especially high-definition era, but also accelerated the development and application of IP camera . Meanwhile, with the growing demand for people , IP camera itself is also constantly on the technical and performance improvements and upgrading , new technology applications in the rapidly developing .
        Surveillance camera have the advantage of
        First, the excellent network functions: network is the trend of the times , is a sign of intelligent building , the digital device is bound to develop to the ubiquitous network transmission blend.
        Second, the powerful image data processing capabilities : simultaneously receive , display, processing ( stored on the local hard drive and sent to each client ) , all of which are all dependent on the host computer ´s processing power. So powerful image data processing capabilities of the system is capable of the job requirements of a strong foundation .
        Third, superior stability : Stability is the owners are very concerned about every issue , a carefully designed for full-featured surveillance equipment installation system loses stability if the cornerstone of the case, its usefulness will be greatly reduced. Program beginning in the design problems in the selection of the host repeated comparisons above , measure, will host the stability problem of continuous operation as a host of stereotypes is a fundamental indicator .
        Fourth, the excellent digital image compression technique : This is a measure of digital surveillance equipment installation mainframe technology sophistication basic indicators , only good solution to the problem of image compression , it can be a good digital image technology in the field of monitoring equipment installed .
        Fifth, the integrated system functional design : Only in the integration of the original analog system relies on complex hardware connections to achieve a variety of local feature, in order to truly reflect the unique advantages of digital systems , in order to further play to the potential of the digital system to the multi-functional, on the basis of digital intelligent .
        Six , good scalability, you can upgrade resistance: the rapid development of modern technology , any user does not want to spend today, tomorrow, the construction of the system to perish if they are out of the ranks, so to say , scalability or that can be extended is the user would have noticed at an early stage of the problem . The strong scalability and good scalability is a digital system a unique advantage.
        Video surveillance camera performance recognition
        For security monitoring of people who work in the field , no matter who , I am afraid that when entering the industry have a bunch of dazzling data being confused confused experience, in the end what kind of camera is considered a good camera ? What kind of imaging standards to be able to meet the needs of our shoot ? Or what kind of lens to be able to ensure better image quality ? Perhaps this is troubled by a couple of professional security problem , where we are through the camera ´s key performance indicators , to have detailed knowledge of some of the features of the camera in order to help people better able to judge the security camera features a .
        First, the pixel value
        Pixel imaging device is installed in the tiny photosensitive material , the more pixels , the higher the image resolution , the more clear. Therefore, the number of pixels is a measure of the quality of a camera imaging key indicators . Since the camera works with the camera are very different between the two also has a "Dynamic Pixel " and " static pixels" distinction and, therefore, the camera easily a few million or even tens of millions of pixels configuration, under normal circumstances ordinary the number of pixels the camera has been able to achieve 40W meet basic shooting needs . As for the type of camera is HD , 200W pixel was able to meet the special circumstances of the shooting needs.
        Second, the horizontal resolution
        Horizontal resolution is a measure of image sharpness criteria , usually with the line number indicates ( ie TV line , TVL). When an interlaced TV lines of 1.33 pixels. In the security surveillance camera , the pixel value and the horizontal resolution are key indicators to measure picture clarity . Under normal circumstances , only the horizontal resolution indicators over 1080i (200 million pixels ) and 720p (92 million pixels ) in order to be called high-definition imaging .
        Third, the minimum illumination
        Minimum illumination is also known as sensitivity , which is a measure of the camera light sensitivity of a method. To put it bluntly , is the monitor camera can see multiple images under dark conditions , its imaging results with the size of the lens aperture . Actually, the most illumination representation Let good judgment. For example, when we use the F1.2 lens , if you shoot the lowest to 0.04lx ambient light , the camera output video signal amplitude to the maximum amplitude of 50% , which reached 350mV, therefore , this camera´s minimum illumination on as 0.04lx/F1.2. Under normal circumstances , the illumination is lower than 0.lx/F1.2 cameras can be called up with a low-light capabilities of the camera .
        Fourth, the camera target surface
        The imaging target surface is also known as the scan areas, namely the size of the imaging device . Currently the target surface dimensions are in inches to indicate that the image sensor diagonal . Today , camera target surface has been reviewed by 1/2 inch and gradually progress to the 1/4 inch . Although theoretically speaking , the smaller the size of the target surface , the higher technological content , but with a 1 /4 inch higher than the target surface , 1 /2 inch is more amount of light , 1 /4 inch device will have greater depth of field, therefore , according to the merits of the specific shooting environment.

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