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  • Wireless remote video monitoring system is the future direction of development

        The first half of 2013 , thanks to the 4G launch , and the promotion of information consumption , encourage private capital to enter and many other useful measures to promote the communications industry is rapidly activated , the overall showing a thriving trend. Generation of mobile communications technology (4G) the introduction of smart city into the development of new activities , but also opened up a wireless surveillance camera applications, a better future. Into the wireless monitoring , security applications and splendor , the future gradually civilian market. About wireless monitoring
        Wireless monitoring products can be broadly divided into two categories : First, through wireless transmission mobile monitoring equipment, fixed or non- fixed place for monitoring, such as law enforcement vehicles by installing a surveillance camera on the roof or through law enforcement personnel to carry handheld video surveillance camera, for real-time image acquisition law enforcement field , and then via the wireless network to transfer images to a monitor terminal ; Second, through mobile devices ( such as mobile phones ) , access to fixed locations on fixed surveillance camera captured images and places , such as 3G mobile phone monitoring , etc. . Currently, the main form of mobile surveillance products are: mobile phone ( or a mobile terminal ) monitoring , bus mobile surveillance , monitor vehicle movement ( mainly for law enforcement vehicles ) , law enforcement records , mobile soldier equipment.
        A typical system consists of wireless monitoring camera parts , transmission parts , control and recording section and a display section four blocks .
        Camera wireless video transmission system is part of the leading edge part of the whole system "eyes ." In larger areas to be monitored when installing the camera zoom , the camera can observe a distance farther, more clearly ; also installed in the electric pan the camera , you can make the PTZ IP camera horizontally and rotation of the vertical direction , so that the camera can cover a larger range. In some cases , particularly in the case of outdoor applications , to dust, rain , high temperature resistance , corrosion resistance , etc., of the camera and the lens should be the addition of special protective cover , but also on the head or have appropriate protective measures.
        Wireless video transmission system is part of the image signal pathways. In general, the transmission part is transmitted single finger images, sound signals. At the same time , the need to have the control center through the console camera, lens , PTZ control, etc. , thus in a transmission system further includes a control signal transmission .
        Partly responsible for the control and recording of the camera and its accessories ( such as lens , PTZ ) control , and image , sound signals recorded. Currently DVR technology becomes more perfect , it can not only record images and sound , but also includes a split screen and switching , PTZ camera control and other functions.
        Display section generally consists of several components or multiple monitors . Not many in number of cameras , the case is not very high , generally connected directly to the monitor DVR can be. If the number of cameras a lot, and require multiple monitors on the screen to toggle the display of complex shall be equipped with a matrix to achieve.
        Future wireless video surveillance system can be extended hot areas
        Popular elevator remote monitoring system application
        Early January AQSIQ issued "on further strengthening the work of elevator safety advice " on the elevator safety management responsibilities were defined , clear the main responsibility for the management of elevator use , promoting the use of security technology , such as things based remote video surveillance elevator safety system protection .
        The main responsibility in the elevator , from the legal point that all the owners of residential elevators "ownership who " should responsible for the safety of the elevator . However, if the property owners through authorized or delegated management company or other units elevator , the security responsibility shifts , and was authorized or delegated management unit must bear the first responsibility to use the elevator . Special AQSIQ official said that at present , Guangdong Province, by the business sector and the quality supervision department issued a commissioned by the owners elevator management price.
        The official also said that the protection of elevator safety requires society to support . Promoting the use of technology tools to enhance lift safety , encourage promotion based on Internet of Things technology pilot elevator remote monitoring system and applications , to achieve timely detection of faults elevator and remote diagnostics , elevator entrapment achieve timely warning of such events and the quickest relief .
        RMON national examination application
        2013 unified national graduate entrance examination during the examination room are all Jilin radio signal shielding device and install electronic monitoring inspection system control engineering Copyright, for exam practice full-time online remote monitoring and image storage, the candidate´s every move was full record .
        National examination system for the use of electronic surveillance inspections of real-time remote monitoring and recording only distance education and the beginning of the perfect combination of remote monitoring can be expected in the near future , remote monitoring will all walks of life . Implementation of modern distance education and remote monitoring , but also in terms of the shortage of educational resources to speed up development of education , scientific and cultural level of the whole nation , changing the examination malpractices and effective way.
        Wireless remote video monitoring system is the future direction of development
        Wireless remote video monitoring and high-definition , intelligent video surveillance next few years to become a major industry trends . With the current 3G technology continues to evolve , the application of civilian and technology integration will become the wireless remote video monitoring system development.
        Application civilian
        Video surveillance system is experiencing from industrial grade applications to change the direction of such a civil process . The emergence of wireless applications terminal has contributed to this process . With the further development of 3G technology , every person holding the phone to become one of the best wireless terminal business platform. People can phone wireless network monitoring . Meanwhile home wireless networks are also emerging , people can access via a laptop with a wireless router network , quickly set up HWLAN ( home wireless network ) . Support wireless mode home IP camera will assume home care , shop visits and other functions , making wireless monitoring technology further into the home user .
        Technology Integration
        Network video surveillance technology has been going through a technology integration path. From the initial network video servers, network integration to the subsequent launch of the ball , until today very popular wireless IP camera, network video technology to achieve with the ball head technology, camera technology integration . Current wireless technologies are increasingly involved.

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