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  • Relative to the 3G IP camera 4G monitoring will be more popular

        The reason beyond the analog cameras IP camera is dependent on the 3G network exists. IP camera surveillance created a limited and wireless network transmission times . Wireless monitoring is also convinced of the advantages of each firm , and has been strongly recommended to the civilian market security IP camera. But the network environment is indeed restrict the rapid development of IP camera is an important reason .
        4G era doubt gave IP network camera has brought the gospel. Three operators have already started the construction and testing of 4G . In the end , 4G network will cover 100 cities , 200,000 base stations, one million terminals of this exciting news gave the security surveillance industry has injected a shot in the arm .
        All along , IP camera has the advantage of better than analog cameras . But the web IP camera network problems are emerging, network security is not smooth let people headache.
        IP video camera has been Declaration to the civilian market for the development, but in the national security market, mainly in the north of Guangzhou civilian as well as Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces , first, because these areas of civil security awareness is higher, the second is a strong sense of these regional networks . For the whole country , IP camera has not yet opened an explosive situation, mainly because of the 3G network transmission performance is low, leading IP camera instability, slow transmission , picture quality is not clear. And now 4G network IP camera from the source to solve the drawbacks , 4G can transmit high quality video images, and high-definition TV will par.
        So 4G IP camera What are the conditions to achieve ?
        Experience and technology
        As the 3G era, the IP camera manufacturers have got enough experience and technology, will be able to respond more fully 4G Internet age may play to their strengths , to build wireless smooth viewing , HD monitoring solution .
        3G mobile devices has been implemented to monitor , but the high 3G traffic charges have been hurt so many IP camera users can not afford it. China Mobile said the , 4G core network enables cost reduced by 70 percent, compared to the three operators in 4G 3G tariff on no more than the cost . So 4G mobile phone will reduce the cost of monitoring
        The development of high-definition
        In the first half of 2013 high-definition network surveillance camera concept has been speculation businesses are in full swing . HD has been the businesses and users for monitoring of hope. However, because of network speed limit, the popularity of high-definition as a problem. 1080P full real-time video will need more than 4Mbps . Now download speeds of 100Mbps 4G networks to meet the high-definition transmission requirements.
        Monitoring 4G era hidden a huge opportunity but also to the many security companies have raised new technical requirements . After the development of the IP camera will inevitably usher in a "4G hot" , how good control over this "4G hot" but for all manufacturers fierce battle strategy. There are many security companies are now ready to start 4G innovation. In the future development of the IP camera , hoping to force more security products can get into every row and industry , even universal civilian industries.

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