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  • Mobile monitor market enticing North American market is the largest

        According IHSIMSResearch report entitled " Global mobile video surveillance market survey ," the new report said , 2012 mobile video surveillance market, sold 16% of all video recorder is equipped with redundant wireless downloading technology, which is moved over the past two years video surveillance is one of the fastest growing trends . Mobile monitoring trends in the global prevalence of North America´s most extensive , the industry´s future prospects , developments enticing.
        Monitoring key markets in North America occupy movement
        Nearly $ 500 million global market of mobile video surveillance equipment spending - not including accessories - American contribution in 2012 about 70% of total revenues , totaling $ 346.6 million . The largest share of its revenue from the United States and Canada , which means more than the sum of these two countries throughout Europe , the Middle East , Africa (EMEA) region $ 83.3 million , or $ 68.7 million in Asia have a large share .
        This inclination towards North America , originally from the police and the school bus in a large vertical market sales in the first three versions of the research report are data showing this tilt , but this two vertical market sales have further promote North American walking in the global mobile video surveillance equipment sales top of the queue .
        At the same time , Europe , Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia market opportunities is growing rapidly , especially in the bus, train , tram fields. Many of the leading manufacturers in North America say they have been looking into the European market in the future sales prospects. By 2017, the Americas sales will soar to $ 489 million , while Europe , Middle East, Africa $ 116.2 million , $ 91.8 million in Asia .
        America at least in the foreseeable future will continue to be by far the largest mobile video surveillance equipment sales region , but to see the latter half of the decade in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia faster growth.
        Streaming media technology into mobile monitoring technical support
        Video surveillance technology after years of development , has experienced analog surveillance systems, digital video surveillance systems, network video surveillance system phases ; With the development of communication technology , mobile terminal enhancements , mobile video surveillance surveillance industry to become the new technology trends . Opposed to analog monitoring and network monitoring limitations , the mobile video surveillance using mobile streaming media technology to achieve "anytime, anywhere , to gain control ," the monitoring.
        Mobile streaming media technology is a technology developed in the late 20th century , is still in the process of development , mobile streaming media business is also considered a future third generation mobile communication network "killer" level business , it is the development and application of mobile communication value-added business areas of research focus . Domestic mobile communications operators and communications equipment manufacturers since the early 2000s began to study the application of mobile streaming media technology , the major operators in the 3G trial network will be mobile streaming media business as the main business of research, has developed a unique carrier- streaming media service standards, equipment manufacturers are also actively involved in the streaming media business standards and testing , and vigorously promote the development of mobile streaming media technology progress and application. Meanwhile highway video surveillance networks are built , so that we have a wealth of video surveillance resources and accumulated a large number of video surveillance systems maintenance experience .
        Mobile network matures, making the mobile video surveillance possible. China Unicom CDMA1X network supports 50-80kbps transmission rate , China Mobile GPRS network provides 30-50kbps transfer rate. These rates can be transmitted in the clear and smooth video surveillance signals. China will begin the third generation mobile communication network (3G) of construction, provide higher data transfer speeds, can transmit more clear and smooth video signal , when communications charges will also be significantly reduced.
        Enticing mobile surveillance market
        Mobile video surveillance system has flexible , can -go monitoring features. Therefore, in some remote areas such as mountains, forests , river basins and other applications simply can not place the laying of wires , or temporary monitoring sites , and no time laying the wire is not necessary , the traditional wired surveillance simply can not meet the needs of mobile video surveillance only to meet demand . Wireless mobile monitoring is the real "telescope" , "ears " and therefore has a traditional monitoring incomparable and irreplaceable advantages, especially in the bus , subway, emergency command , field maintenance of stability , on-site law enforcement and other applications , the application prospect lure people .
        We gratifying to see that the network traffic monitoring technology moves toward universal favor the development of the mobile monitoring technology itself is also rising. Buses are now moving surveillance camera, car mobile surveillance camera, wireless surveillance camera man moves mostly with night vision function, and monitor farther and farther away .
        On the application point of view, mobile phones ( or mobile devices ) monitors used for business users, industrial users and home users, the civilian market, the market potential is huge ; buses are mainly used in mobile monitoring the transport sector , including long-distance buses , trucks and other dangerous goods , the market space is very large ; monitor vehicle movement , mainly used in law enforcement vehicles , including police cars , emergency command vehicle , urban law enforcement vehicles , fire engines , etc. ; enforcement recorders and mobile soldier equipment, relatively more specialized applications , but also has not a small market potential. With the mobile monitoring technology continues to develop and mature, network and deployment costs continue to decline , the wireless mobile monitoring development of the spring will arrive . Then the mobile surveillance market, how much ? Here we only move the bus monitor as an example for analysis.
        In recent years , the bus can be said that mobile monitoring application in full swing , buses installation of mobile video surveillance camera has become common practice. Up to now , the Shenzhen bus mobile surveillance camera has been installed more than 20,000 , per bus installation 3 , and with the police 110 network , the camera captured image can be transferred to the public security command center synchronization . Guangzhou, the city at the end of 2007 more than 8,000 buses full installation of cameras , installation of cameras will total more than 26,000 . With the Department of the Pearl River Delta , Dongguan , Foshan and other cities, are also universal bus for the city installed a mobile security surveillance camera, install the three most buses , some installation 4 and 2 . In 6000 , Dongguan city buses installation of mobile network surveillance camera, a total investment of over 100 million yuan . The total number of buses in the country ? Unable to statistics, only Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen, Guangzhou , Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi´an, Chongqing nine cities , buses will total more than 100,000 , bus mobile surveillance market can be imagined . There is also a taxi mobile surveillance market , no less than the bus mobile video surveillance .

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