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  • Front-end IP camera facing intelligent analysis technology pressures

        With network monitoring application scale escalation , the video surveillance industry Big Data era has arrived , and its representative signs the market for intelligent video data analysis and effective search function increasingly urgent demand , and require IP camera in front within able to achieve some intelligent video analysis and processing , in order to reduce the back-end system functionality load.
        Video surveillance applications have been pursuing the goal is high-resolution images , real-time capture speed , intelligence analysis capabilities , etc., for the most front-end IP network camera , the most recent period , from the image sensor , ISP image signal processor , the video codec decoder chip , etc., are in technology development has made considerable progress. Meanwhile, a phenomenon is more prominent , IP surveillance market demand is also more abundant and diverse. For example, with 3G, Wi-Fi and other wireless network technology popularization , IP video camera with wireless mobile devices connect to the network , wireless high-definition video surveillance is nowadays a hot industry development ; addition , more and more surveillance scenes hope from the audio get more valuable information, so high-quality streaming video and audio composite picture of recent market has also become one of the main demands .
        The security industry has always been a professional and closed market , especially in the web IP camera ´s operation, because of its installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the system will need professional technical support and IT network knowledge, and thus make the network monitoring in the domestic market to promote the long-term in a slow state. However , in recent years, high-definition video transmission technology and wireless mobile terminal a lot of popularity and other factors work together to promote , consumer products came into IP surveillance cameras , and gradually into the mass consumer electronics market. IP surveillance cameras with the previous difference is the biggest feature of these products is to break the people´s IP surveillance camera installation and commissioning cumbersome negative impression , a more convenient way to install the settings to suit the average consumer ´s needs.
        In order to overcome the IP camera installation complexity, various manufacturers are racking their brains , for example through the App wireless mobile application software product , two-dimensional code scanning and other ways to simplify the installation process and accelerate adoption. In addition, consumer-oriented network surveillance camera is another problem - you can always widely demanded by users in different locations to watch real-time surveillance video , but due to the location of the monitored area or watch a variety of network conditions exist firewall restrictions , although there are several solutions to solve these problems ( such as P2P network penetration function or relay contacts , etc. ) , but manufacturers are still trying to use a more simple way to deal with.
        In addition, the concern is that , internet camera quickly civilian process at all levels of the industry chain manufacturers to bring unlimited business opportunities , while expanding the scope of the market , making the price of the product closer toward consumer electronics products , low price become a trend , which also requires core chip makers to continue to introduce more competitive product solutions .
        On the other hand , for the current network monitoring system commonly used dual-stream mechanisms , in addition to evidence are essential for future high-definition image storage capabilities, in order to support user needs for real-time network monitoring , network bandwidth can be implemented in the general flexible and efficient low stream control regulation, in order to maintain fluency and high definition video quality balance between the development of these vendors is currently facing yet another challenge.

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