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  • IP surveillance market entered the peak period of growth

        Network surveillance cameras in the current development of high-definition , front-end image sensor resolution quickly from megapixels to ten million advance , which focus is on user demand backlight or low light conditions , you can still show up as much image detail , so high dynamic range (HRD) and low light performance is the market for such products is the main demands . From the chip development terms, require the chip to do more with the front-end integration of sensitive components , which includes lenses, light-sensitive components and chips , including the integration of the entire optical process to do the development, so that the characteristics of light-sensitive components can be fully play, and ultimately to ensure high quality imaging results.
        On the other hand , for the current network monitoring system commonly used dual-stream mechanisms , in addition to evidence are essential for future high-definition image storage capabilities, in order to support user needs for real-time network monitoring , network bandwidth can be implemented in the general flexible and efficient low stream control regulation, in order to maintain fluency and high definition video quality balance between the development of these vendors is currently facing yet another challenge.
        Therefore, from the perspective of the development of downstream applications chip products has become a top priority. Support Full HD image quality and minimize the bandwidth requirements , while providing low- cost chip solution is to build the key to development . From program design perspective , the IP camera ´s quality performance , 3A (AF auto-focus , AE AE , AWB AWB ) algorithm is the core focus of the development industry .

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