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  • Definition programs in the financial sector Application and Selection

        In future IP HD product key application markets - the financial sector , as it is the main circulating currency and portfolio sites, whose ordinary business involves a lot of cash , checks, securities and valuables belonging to the state public security focus units , so high security products are the preferred choice in the industry .
        Financial institutions, security system construction and supporting management measures are implemented to ensure the safe operation of financial business an important foundation , and the financial security monitoring system is the core of the entire security system components , security monitoring systems functional and technical specifications of the pros and cons will directly affect the performance of the entire security system . Open in the bank counter, self-service ATM area, bank entrances, treasury, escort and other locations, can see the screen , and transactions featured in every detail , it can be better to avoid unnecessary disputes . Therefore, the construction of security systems of financial institutions must take full account of the application of technology and product status and development trends, select the most appropriate system solutions .
        Compared to traditional analog surveillance program , HD monitoring solution has the following advantages:
        A high-definition image resolution is much higher than analog
        In the definition , the analog camera technology in resolution, scan mode ( interlaced scanning ) , color , and many other shortcomings . Even the latest 700TVL resolution , after elimination interlaced , H.264 compression technology will be further loss of resolution after processing , playback resolution is generally only a 400-500TVL. Its image resolution is generally not high , it will not see the details . Whenever an accident occurs, the video screen can barely see the outline of people , faces and details may be blurred, would not achieve the role of providing important clues . Although there have been a variety of optimization solutions proposed, but only to a certain extent, ease the market demand, the problem can only rely on high -definition cameras to solve. Compared with analog cameras , the same range as the area of ​​the scene , as HD camcorders bring more pixels, higher resolution ( minimum standards are 720P, namely 1280 × 720); colors more real, more layered ; progressive scan other advantages, image clarity naturally have greatly improved.
        Second, more cost
        1 , HD cameras generally use a 16:9 aspect ratio , coupled with the number of pixels is too high, you can see the broader region . In the same scene using HD IP camera can save a number of cameras , a high-definition camera can replace the original multi analog cameras , but also to avoid the multi-zone control of the dead, and therefore more cost savings.
        2 , the use of high-definition transmission network , all data including video, audio , alarm signals can be transmitted by the network , or even poe IP camera, the power can be provided by the network , greatly simplifying the process of laying the cable installation work and complexity , can reduce the cost of labor and wire .
        3, IP surveillance system is open IT systems , CCTV more open compared to the original , the bank´s surveillance products allow contains multiple products from different vendors . Current mainstream manufacturers have IP surveillance camera products ONVIF protocol support , its better compatibility and expandability .
        4 , to facilitate networking. Previous bank security systems are fragmented . With the increased demand for network management , network high-definition image transmission system easier networking , making it easy for remote monitoring center through a network monitoring device for unified management .
        5 , IP-based front-end to make intelligent and more popular. Unlike analog cameras, just pass the image back to the center , the other functions do not have the original in different ways , IP camera in front of complex calculations , the original centralized management of the tremendous computing power distributed to the various front end. Such is the popularity of intelligent products provide a cost and technical basis. After the popularity of smart features will include: ( a ) moving target enters or leaves the monitor screen ; ( 2 ) moving targets in the monitoring area hovering ; ( 3 ) the image suddenly appeared one at a time abandoned bag ( such a timely manner to avoid terrorist attacks ) ; ( 4 ) to set the dividing line across the dividing line in time , detection alarm ( such as in front of the bank or business hall , hovering staff for monitoring tips, suspicious terrorists placed explosives, auditorium seating capacity gauge , etc. ) . The emergence of intelligent video security functions more efficiently , so that after the verification and the occurrence of crime prevention more targeted , and that thanks to high-definition equipment applications.

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