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  • 2014 will become CCTV and video surveillance market tipping point

        According to IHS IMS Research report entitled "CCTV and video surveillance equipment worldwide market survey ," the latest report , CCTV and video surveillance market "tipping point" will appear in 2014 . It is estimated that up to 2017 analog camera shipments will exceed IP camera, IP camera hidden but a higher value.
        Large-scale projects and enterprises have used a lot of projects replaced analog network video surveillance equipment . Now, smaller projects are increasingly choosing to use network devices. In addition, analog cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs) price competition is very intense, some models had a certain degree of commercialization , for web video related fields provide further growth momentum.
        Overall , IHS estimates 2011 to 2012 , the global video surveillance equipment market grew by over 10%. In many analog devices showed a declining trend in the country, sales of network equipment appears hot , becoming the main driver of growth during the period . But there are exceptions, such as China - which is the analog market continues to grow one of the few countries in the world.

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