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  • IP -led security Core technology to be innovative

        IP camera technology trends have led to component -based business , as manufacturers deepening understanding of the product , and marketing experience in the component provider ´s role has not fundamentally changed , and focus more on the core technology innovation .
        Technical requirements to the next level
        Although the market for digital media processing system on chip (SOC) seem a lot, but really to meet the SOC IP networks are still only a handful of high-definition , the reason is that the security market is different from the consumer market , the product reliability , on the stability and scalability have special needs. Many domestic and foreign enterprises will SOC digital video security as their preferred platform , which is still in the ARM926 processor -based mainstream , because Linux -based open real-time operating system can support a variety of drivers and extended application .
        For the realization of video and image processing to integrated video co-processor driven, which not only supports H.264, but also supports MPEG4/MJPEG and JPEG formats , are soft core codec has better compatibility and flexibility. In addition . High-performance video signal processing unit (ISP) integration , also largely determines the quality of the product , better support for more general category of CMOS or CCD sensor .
        Like many emerging markets, the digital video surveillance market is to inspire and educate the chip providers , and to promote the development of the core technology , which in IP video camera with analog cameras realized in alternative particularly clear. Traditional analog cameras through the CCD video sensor combined with the ISP ASIC ; while widely used IP camera CMOS sensor and ISP through the SOC integrated imaging processing to achieve a comprehensive digitization and networking is relying on its application .
        Therefore, the traditional analog camera chip provider if you can not continue to provide the CMOS sensor , in which the market had lost the right to speak. And universal provider of digital media processors will become the core technology provider, make it a success from a digital video server (DVS) to IP network camera (IPNC) the application and promotion . The SOC platform from digital camera introduction to IPNC application has injected vigor and escalating leaving such a system to obtain a pivotal position in the market .
        From the development trend , internet camera from the new system will be ARM9 main processor upgrade to CortexA8, video co-processor upgrade to 1080P @ 60. The latest generation of ISP will have to provide optimum noise suppression filter , with a wide dynamic (WDR) features , as well as fish-eye correction function , ISP noise suppression by the 2D drop up to 3D. A deeper understanding of the special needs in the smart performance gains , which is reflected in the integrated general-purpose DSP core clocked at 700MHz compatible floating-point and fixed-point general-purpose DSP core , through the provision of free basic function library , customers can develop a variety of specialty of targeted real-time intelligent video analysis and processing algorithms. In pure SOC architecture that can integrate intelligent analysis engine , so embedding special visual engine , with ten times the DSP effect .
        Cooperation for development
        Digital video surveillance is a diversified market, so chip makers need to be more broad perspective , with leading manufacturers of digital video surveillance to strengthen strategic cooperation and improve the development of SOC technology matures . At the same time , strategic cooperation with third-party partners is also crucial that they can concentrate their technical advantages, to provide a complete system solution.
        Decency future-oriented digital surveillance products , SOC still advocated universal and open platform , not only in hardware but also in software systems, general-purpose DSP effect in high -definition intelligent applications have always demonstrated to better meet market demand. For digital video codec higher demand, both expressed in Chinese proprietary video codec standards such as SVAC support , but also in the need for SVT and H.265 , you can first use of general-purpose processor , which can then use a dedicated coprocessor to achieve.

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