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  • Intelligent traffic video surveillance products HD Applications

        In recent years, " high definition " has become an intelligent transportation technology development indicators. For video surveillance , image clarity is undoubtedly the most critical high-definition monitor significance. The sharper the image , the details , the more obvious the better the viewing experience , business intelligence applications such as the accuracy is also higher. The government procurement projects for intelligent transportation of huge benefit , intelligent traffic video surveillance products is the trend even more high-definition applications . At the same time , intelligent transportation building smart city context, effort urbanization.
        HD monitors for the transportation escort
        Currently, the traffic monitoring system put into use HD IP camera can reach 1.3 million pixels , 2,000,000 , 5,000,000 and even . HD smart IP camera returns traffic conditions, road conditions and the picture clearer and more detailed information is more effective. This improved up technically based on the SD camera surveillance system deficiencies , to improve the efficiency of the monitoring system . In recent years, major manufacturers have launched full HD , Ultra HD products to promote to high-definition intelligent traffic monitoring system , intelligent development .
        For video surveillance , image clarity is undoubtedly the most critical high-definition monitor indicators . The sharper the image , the details , the more obvious the better the viewing experience , business intelligence applications such as the accuracy is also higher. HD IP camera can not only provide a wide viewing angle , to show more detail of the image , whether it is still the overall picture quality color reproduction and image quality on the processing and analysis can be greatly improved.
        HD video surveillance systems generally use a higher standard H.264 encoding , allowing the subject to get closer to the real picture visual effects. At the same time , increasing the capacity of the storage device , prices continue to drop , high-definition video files stored in the image are increasingly common, making real-time recording and playback of high-definition screen to achieve the same effect , for the detection of cases , provide an important basis for treatment .
        Intelligent Transportation Building Smart City choroid
        Intelligent transportation as important a smart urban development , if developed mature , it will soften the maximum extent possible the city´s transport lifeline to promote urban development , play a crucial foundation. Moreover, China´s intelligent transportation industry started from 1995 , so far, has 17 years of development, from the original learning foreign technology, pilot operations, to build all levels of road network management center. Have to say in support of the Government , to the rapid development of intelligent transportation . The Ministry of Transport in July 2012 issued a " transportation industry Intelligent Transportation Development Strategy ( 2012-2020 ) " , which for the development of intelligent transport specified direction.
        According to statistics , "Twelve Five " period, 2.3 trillion yuan investment in railway infrastructure , has completed the first two years of nearly 10,000 yuan, after three years still invest 1.3 trillion yuan ; "Twelve Five" will reach 12 highway million kilometers. Current mileage is 95,000 km , plus towns, villages formed and some line transformation , "five" scale of investment in the three years after the highway about 2.5 trillion ; "Twelve Five" after three years , there are more than 40 airports , ports nearly deep-water berths to be built . This calculation, "five" three years after the investment scale transport nearly 40,000 yuan.
        Intelligent transportation development has also gradually from the original heavy IT hardware , the development of re- use of information technology . The face of big data as well as the impact of the application of things , I believe that the development of intelligent transportation will be more intelligent in order to build a real smart city .
        Things effort to develop low-carbon intelligent transportation
        Things concept first proposed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999 proposed the concept of relying on radio frequency identification technology and equipment, according to the agreed communication protocols and the Internet combine to make the items of information to achieve intelligent identification and management, interconnection and items of information formation of networks.
        Currently the application of the Internet of Things in the world still in its infancy , the application of the technology base is mainly based on radio frequency identification, sensor -based projects, but most still experimental small-scale projects . As the information industry in developed countries are more advanced technologies and applications , so the rise of the Internet of Things and applications in developed countries are more advanced . The United States is the most widely used networking countries , its application involves a number of industry sectors , the EU Things in logistics and transportation , electricity and other fields and formed a certain scale.
        Although Intelligent Transportation System and the development goals of things similar range of technical elements and applications are somewhat similar, but the application of things broader context , the breadth of its network , the amount of information and network building ideas, is the traditional intelligent transportation systems can not match . Intelligent transportation system is a top-down way of development and utilization of information , focusing on the perspective from managers to collect and develop the use of information and networking applications in the field of transportation , will focus on the use of bottom-up information collection mode , both in the accuracy of the information resource gathering , covering varying degrees, on the strength of the development and utilization of information resources are also different , using different business models , and the resulting social benefits will be significantly different.
        It is believed that intelligent transportation system is the intelligent transportation development process relatively early stage , the traffic of things is the development of intelligent transportation technologies and concepts upgrade stage , things will provide intelligent transportation qualitative leap in the development of low-carbon and a huge space for development .
        About Intelligent Transportation Systems
        Intelligent Transportation Systems is the future direction of development of transport system , it is the advanced information technology, data communications transmission technology, electronic sensor technology, control technology and computer technology to effectively integrate the entire surface traffic management system used and the establishment of a on a large scale , all-round play , real-time , accurate , and efficient integrated transport management system. ITS can effective use of existing transportation facilities, reduce traffic load and environmental pollution, to ensure traffic safety, improve transport efficiency , and thus , growing national attention.

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