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  • Intelligence analysis will become the camera chip´s direction of future evolution

        With the development of megapixel HD IP camera chip to achieve more functionality at the same time , increasingly high degree of integration , along with peripheral devices will be less and less power consumption will be getting low . In order to achieve the system with digital HD cameras for security applications requires both an image sensor , docking with the rear end also have decoding chip technology support, so the back-end decoder chip performance is also shown to be greater breakthroughs . Xiaobian that intelligence analysis is the definition of the future evolution of the movement direction .
        The manufacturers are in the pursuit of improved product integration . Existing chip can achieve four 1080p HD stream multiple HD chip development to become a trend ; addition, the integration of more components on a chip feature is also a trend where , SoCFPGA design concern for people , SoCFPGA is the integration of the FPGA , physical processor and other hardware IP component of SoC chip demand in the market , mature technology and business competition and other factors , driven in the foreseeable future , the public companies in SoCFPGA will be designed to be as large .
        At present, the application and popularization of smart IP camera to become hot , it is the use of intelligent recognition technology to capture sound, video and other data for automatic analysis and extraction of key information in the data source , so as to monitor those who make timely and accurate judgments provided basis of which face recognition, behavior analysis, intelligent tracking panoramic camera surveillance has been widely used. Therefore, the direction of the camera chip is another assiduous intelligence analysis .
        Cloud security is also a market where the trend , chip makers should also be based on market demand , providing performance superior image codec capabilities to mitigate the cloud server load . In addition, the chip maker is also considering providing faster video codec technology to reduce server load , high integration , high load inevitably bring under high -power, energy-saving chip makers are also considered more like TI also a trend toward saving chip .
        Megapixel IP camera chip development can not simply be seen as the development of IP video camera is more worthy of concern is the series of products perfect. If you can start from the design part of the chip is good considering how more realistic security projects , which will make megapixel HD IP camera up a wider range of applications.

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