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  • Analysis the difference between surveillance lens from several aspects

        When the purchase surveillance camera , surveillance camera is often the most overlooked part of us , for the surveillance camera knowledge you know how much ? Whether or fixed focus lens , or whether to support auto-focus , surveillance camera hidden in a small lens also a lot of knowledge.
        Surveillance camera fixed focus and zoom of the points
        We start with the simplest thing is to start, with different monitoring host , can be divided into fixed focus and zoom lens , the biggest difference is that if you look at the lens has two rotatable screw button. Of course, in terms of the same level in terms of price , certainly better than the fixed lens zoom expensive ; to demand , that was the actual application conditions according to the user point of view, are not necessarily fixed focus lens than good, fixed surveillance camera, who Federation to adjust the lens it ?
        The author of most of the civil monitoring, for example , ordinary gun-type surveillance camera on with the most conventional lenses. Select general analog surveillance camera fixed focus lens, and some to IP surveillance camera with a zoom lens can be used . Focal length can be transformed according to actual demand .
        CCTV Lens shape of the points
        If you have to control the shape of the lens to be distinguished , I give you advice is to see if you can adjust the focus , that is, the two screws on the lens knobs , under normal circumstances , near the top of the knob to adjust the focal length of the lens size , the mainstream zoom focal length in 2.8mm ~ 8mm, high-end surveillance camera zoom focal length span . Near the lens mount knob used to focus, when the focal length changes, timely adjust the focus to the best position to be able to capture good images.
        Moreover, even zoom in on details still not a small difference, which mainly depends on the monitoring host , some security surveillance camera with auto-focus feature, so there will be a surveillance camera on a line connected to the body , some zoom lenses completely rely on manual adjustment, the same function on different lenses in shape interpretation of the meaning is different.
        Surveillance camera interface dispute
        In addition to monitoring the lens fixed focus , zoom and auto focus functions and the different looks , the more detail is lost on consumers . Can not help but scrutiny, surveillance camera interface what is the difference ? Drill a look at all the video surveillance camera lenses are threaded port , which interfaces a different number of threads of different authors is caused .
        For surveillance camera interfaces disputes , the current market mainly in C-mount and CS -type interface -based. Mainstream monitor camera with CS ring main. In data analysis, the principle of distinction is different interfaces through the lens from the lens to the photosensitive surface distance to judge : C-type interface from the mounting point to the focal distance of 17.5mm, while the CS-mount from the installation point is called the focal length is 12.5mm, compared to the former is more "dwarf " Some .
        Surveillance cameras have different interfaces , then the surveillance camera is bound to appear different species. For the lens interfaces to distinguish, in the C and CS mount camera between the camera , in principle, advocated mix and match . In order to solve practical problems in the application , C-type lens with CS mount camera add a 5mm between the C / CS adapter ring can be used together . But the CS camera lens and C can not be used in conjunction.
        Viewing angle lens focal length with the concept of
        We can see that in addition to changes in the internal structure and technology , between the lens and lens differences . Similarly to the CCD sensor , for example, the imaging sensors of different sizes certainly result in a difference , then the same size 1/3´´ CCD sensor, by showing different focal lengths horizontal angle and vertical angle let us look at.
        We 2.8mm ~ 8mm lens , for example, take a look at the changes between them .
        4mm ~ 8mm Zoom in the course of its almost vertical angle angle angle with the next level of the same focal length , it is conceivable in imaging , to form a geometric compression . With the above table that can help you better understand the camera ´s viewing angle and capture range , be aware of when purchasing .
        Although the surveillance camera is no stranger to everyone , but there are still many segments of view we often ignore. Perhaps the size of the lens is not important to you, you , you may think that these data can not mean anything, but please remember , understand each monitoring system accessories, to be able to mix the perfect video image.

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