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  • Major problems that HD and intelligent monitoring faced

        The realization of high-definition video surveillance involves the front , networking, storage , forwarding, display several links, which link is missing , can not achieve true high-definition monitor ; while intelligence requires the platform to achieve the interconnection between multiple systems , information sharing and rendering. In the current definition, intelligent monitoring , the existence of the following questions.
        Network increased pressure
        Currently HD IP camera can provide even higher 2,3 million pixel video images to 1080P for example, in the picture smooth , good quality case , stream typically 8-10M or so, if a system there are hundreds of thousands of high-definition monitoring points , then the flow of data across the network will be quite substantial. In this network transmission may also have used as a storage for HD video streaming , there are real-time and playback viewing HD video streaming , there are third-party systems need to call for HD video streaming , this is bound to give the network switching equipment, servers , etc., causing great pressure , or even overwhelmed, thus affecting the stability of the entire network . Therefore, how the face of limited network bandwidth to meet the huge data stream transmission and video streaming toward rational planning , has become the high-definition surveillance under urgent problem .
        Mass data storage and retrieval become a problem
        HD storage device under storage will bring enormous pressure , in addition to high stream will consume more storage space, the storage device stability, reliability , security, high demands are made ​​, if the storage lack of device performance , will affect the normal video data is written. In addition , the platform for video storage management is also very important, for example , what kind of platform with file system format , take what kind of reading and writing mechanism , whether through special means to quickly and accurately retrieve the files to the target monitoring , etc. These are considered storage management platform ´s ability to perform the basic problems . Otherwise , HD video even recorded, but subject still unable to retrieve or retrieval efficiency is too low , then no matter how good the performance of the storage device , becomes meaningless.
        Display Problems
        Relative to SD video , HD video to enrich the amount of information , the server should spend more resources for HD decoding, a single server can decode high-definition display will be far less than large ones SD ones , and the higher the pixel high-definition display , the frame rate will follow the increasingly low , so you lose the picture of fluency. Therefore, numerous projects in high-definition ones , how to solve the limited display more servers , more smooth HD screen , which is both a technical issue but also a cost issue .
        Third-party system access issues
        In a security system, each subsystem was no longer alone, fragmented , and change but to do is video -based, monitoring and management platform as the core, access other security subsystems interconnected interaction, make a comprehensive , integrated whole, its meaning is to maximize system efficiency , integrity , flexibility, thereby simplifying the complexity of the system . But how many of the data to third-party systems according to the needs of users in an intuitive and clear presentation to the user is the platform needed to solve a problem

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